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Invest in the Future of Your Skin

What does the future of your skin hold?

Are lines, wrinkles, dark spots and sagging skin inevitable? Is the destiny of your skin determined by genetics or is there a way to set your skin on a different path?

Although the way our skin ages does have a lot to do with our genes, it is possible to help slow down the visible signs of aging and protect the skin from damage that can make us look older.

Whether you’re in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s or beyond, it’s never too late to start investing in your skin’s future. The steps you take NOW will determine how your skin will look in the coming decades.

We all know about the biggest contributors to premature aging of the skin. Smoking, unprotected sun exposure and excessive alcohol consumption can age your skin at a rapid pace by breaking down collagen and elasticity as well as causing dehydration and inflammation. These problems show up on the skin as deep wrinkles, sagging skin, redness, puffiness and age spots.

Investing in your skin’s future begins by taking good care of yourself. Eating well, keeping hydrated and protecting your skin from the elements is a great start and will help set you on an anti-aging path that you’ll be thankful for later. Although these things will certainly help prevent premature signs of aging, is there more that you can do to hold back the clock?

Absolutely. You can take steps now to help slow down the signs of aging, protect and build your skin’s collagen, prevent free radical damage, boost hydration, reduce sun damage, calm redness and inflammation and shield your skin from environmental damage.

You can begin right now, no matter what your age, taking steps to invest in your skin’s future with professional skincare.

What is the difference between basic commercial skincare and professional skincare?

It's all about the concentration of "active" ingredients.

While drug and department store brands claim to have active ingredients such as antioxidants and peptides, most are in such a small percentage that they do very little.

Professional skincare brands such as Derma MD use higher percentages of active ingredients which can actually make structural changes within the skin. Professional skincare brands are sold by industry professionals such as dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, medical estheticians and skincare specialists with extensive knowledge about the structure of the skin and how to reduce and prevent the signs of aging.

When you buy professional skincare from Derma MD, you aren’t paying for fancy magazine spreads, celebrity indorsement, excessive packaging or countless middlemen. You’re paying for top quality, industry leading ingredients in percentages high enough to make a visible difference.

You’re paying for the “Wow you haven’t aged a bit!” compliments at your high school reunion.
You’re paying for the “You don’t look old enough to have a child who’s getting married!” compliments at your son’s wedding.
You’re paying for products that actually make a difference.
You’re investing in your skins future and you’re investing in yourself.

The best place to begin is by adding anti-aging serums to your skincare routine. Using an antioxidant rich serum in the morning and before bed is a great way to start. You can add more products in later.

In the morning using a serum such as Transforming C Serum, with high levels of multiple types of Vitamin C will help protect your skin from environmental damage while helping to boost collagen and elastin levels! Just a small amount applied just before your daily SPF will start your day off on the right foot, protecting your skin while correcting skin tone and working hard to build and protect your skin’s inner structure.

In the evening using a serum such as Cranberry Silk Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate, with the anti-inflammatory antioxidant AstaXanthin, ultra-hydrating Cranberry seed oil and wrinkle reducing Retinyl Palmitate, will work hard to protect your skin and keep it moist, calm redness and irritation and protect your skin while you sleep.

Start using professional skincare now and your future self with thank you.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, your skincare specialist at or follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

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Glowingly yours,

Lisa P

Skincare Specialist
Derma MD Canada

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6 Steps to a Spa Quality Facial at Home

Professional Products for Professional Results

Did you know that you can give yourself a spa quality facial at home with no special equipment or supplies?  All you need are the right skincare products!

In this step by step guide I will share my secrets on how to achieve soft, supple glowing skin that looks like you've been making regular visits to a skincare spa!

This process will gently cleanse and exfoliate, removing dull surface skin cells, revealing the new skin beneath and allowing for better penetration of products that will create changes in your skin that you can see and feel.  Collagen will begin to restore, skin will feel plump and hydrated and fine lines and wrinkles will be reduced.

Treating yourself to a series of spa quality facials at home is an excellent alternative to costly spa treatments, and when you use professional products, you can achieve similar results!

6 Steps to a Spa Quality Facial at Home

1. Cleanse
Cleanse face with Enzyme Cleanser, rinse well and pat dry. For a deeper cleanse, a mechanical or sonic cleansing brush can be used. This product is designed to gently exfoliate, hydrate and deep pore cleanse. The mild enzymes of pineapple and papaya will gently digest dead skin cells for better penetration of products. Great for all skin types, including sensitive.

Apply At Home Microderm Face Exfoliant. Using small circular motions, gently rub the exfoliant onto skin for approximately 3 minutes. Water may be added for sensitive skin or for additional lubrication. Using a cleansing brush will give you an even deeper exfoliation. Remove crystals with a warm washcloth, gauze or cotton cleansing pad and rinse well with tepid water. This combination of anti-aging ingredients that uses corundum crystals found in microdermabrasion equipment, will smooth the surface of the skin, while fighting free radicals, leaving the skin soft and supple allowing for maximum penetration of products to follow.

3. Steam (optional)
Fill a bowl with near boiling water. Essential oils or loose tea leaves may be added for additional relaxing effects. Place your face 8-10 inches over the steaming bowl of water with a towel draped over your head to prevent steam from escaping. Do not steam if you have broken capillaries or dilated vessels as this could aggravate the condition. Steaming will help open pores and allow for better penetration of products to follow. After steaming gently pat dry.

Apply a layer of either Revitalizing Avocado & Pumpkin Masque  (normal to dry skin) or Charcoal Mud Purifying Mask (normal to oily skin/acne prone skin) over your entire face and neck and allow to sit for 10-15 minutes. 

Normal to Dry Skin: Pumpkin enzymes will renew the surface of the skin while Avocado and Green Tea Extract deeply hydrate and refresh. 

Normal to Oily Skin: Activated charcoal will help draw out impurities while 3 organic acids exfoliate to remove dead skin cell build up for a smoother and brighter complexion.

Remove with gauze or a damp cotton pad.  Rinse well.

5. Renew
Apply Hydrating Toner to a cotton pad and dab all over the face.  Allow to absorb.  Now is the time to use an antioxidant rich serum as pores are open the skin will absorb the product into the deeper layers of the skin.  Apply a generous layer of Pink Silk Face Firming Rejuvenator to face and neck.

6. Protect
If you have given yourself an at home facial during the day, apply an even layer of Last Step SPF 50 to your face and neck to protect your newly exposed skin cells from the damaging effects of the sun.  If you have given yourself a facial in the evening (recommended) apply an even layer of Uplifting Neck & Face Crème to the face and neck.  The ingredients in this crème will help draw the previously applied serum deeply into the layers of the skin.

Repeat the process weekly for a smooth and glowing complexion that will look like you have been visiting your favorite skincare spa!

It's possible to give yourself a spa quality facial at home when you use a professional line of skincare products, like the ones used by skincare specialists.  Derma MD products are used by professionals all over the world and with our range of cleansers, exfoliants, masques, serums and moisturizers you can safely do your own facial at home.  For special skincare concerns or for a deeper level peel, see our list of clinics and spas that use Derma MD's professional only products.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, your skincare specialist at or follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

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Glowingly yours,

Lisa P

Skincare Specialist
Derma MD Canada


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A New Product for Your Acne Arsenal!

Fighting blemishes, blackheads and oily skin?  If so you're not alone.  Whether you're a teen, in your 20's, 30's, 40's or beyond acne is a problem that plagues thousands of people across the country every single day.

The key to getting your acne under control is to control acne causing bacteria (known as Propionibacterium acnes bacteria or simply P. Acnes bacteria) without further aggravating inflamed and angry skin.

For more than a decade, we at Derma MD have been helping thousands of people fight the battle with acne and win!

Using powerful yet gentle ingredients such as encapsulated salicylic acid and Wasabi root extract our Acne Treatment System has a loyal band of followers and for good reason!  These products produce visible results without drying the skin and causing the "rebound effect" where overly dehydrated skin (from ingredients such as benzoyl peroxiode and alcohol) begins producing more sebum (oil), providing fertile ground for acne bacteria to grow.

After years of successfully treating acne we've added a NEW and exciting product to our line!

We are very excited to announce the launch of our latest product to help keep your skin looking its best!

Charcoal Mud

You asked for a purifying mask to give your skin a little extra TLC and we listened!

Rejuvenate oily and problematic skin with Charcoal Mud! This purifying mask is just what you need when you're having an outbreak, or just feeling a little bit greasy.

Activated Charcoal removes thousands of times its own volume in oil, which means impurities and oils are sucked away from your skin without over drying.

Glaba root extract helps to lighten redness from previous breakouts and allows skin to appear (and feel) rejuvenated.

A combination of three organic acids including pyruvic, glycolic, and salicylic exfoliate dead skin cells that can block pores and help to increase cellular turnover, helping your breakouts heal faster while making your skin look clearer and brighter.

Use once or twice a week to help absorb excess oil and impurities, draw out blackheads and heal breakouts.

Try this new mask (along with our entire acne line) for 50% off for a limited time!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, your skincare specialist at or follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

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Glowingly yours,

Lisa P

Skincare Specialist
Derma MD Canada

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Lighten & Brighten Dark Pigmentation with the Right Skincare

Treating Hyperpigmentation on Your Face and Body

If you are struggling with Hyperpigmentation you are not alone. Hyperpigmentation in the form of brown spots, age spots or a blotchy, ashen skin tone is a common dermatological problem that will affect many of us at some point in our lives, regardless of age, ethnicity or skin tone.

Skin pigmentation problems occur when the body produces too much melanin as the result of long term unprotected sun exposure or hormones from pregnancy or birth control pills.

Successful treatment of Hyperpigmentation requires a multi-level approach.

First and foremost, protecting your skin from further sun damage is important to reduce future damage. Wearing an SPF of 25 or higher will protect your skin from the suns damaging rays. Sun protection should be worn every day, even on cloudy days as the sun’s rays are able to penetrate through clouds. Slather up with Ultra-Shield 25 each day.

The next course of action is to use skincare products to lighten current damage. Derma MD has skin lightening and brightening products for all areas of the face and body.

To lighten skin on your face we recommend either Diminish Lightening & Brightening Serum or Diminish Lightening & Brightening Crème.

Which one is right for you?

For skin that has an ashen tone or needs all over brightening we recommend Lightening and Brightening Crème. Bearberry leaf extract, mulberry extract, and licorice root will help even out skin color while helping to protect your skin from the elements. Skin will appear brighter and more even as well as soft and hydrated. Use 3-4 times a week followed by SPF in the mornings to help protect your skin.

For darker spots, age spots and sun spots we recommend Lightening & Brightening Serum. This gel-based serum is designed to help correct dark spots which might be the result of over-exposure to the sun. Antioxidants help to protect skin from damaging UV rays, and L-arbutin works to reduce melanin production (a potential cause of hyperpigmentation). Over time, the serum lightens and brightens your complexion; improving texture and skin consistency as it conditions. Apply daily in the evening for best results. As with all lightening products it’s important to protect your skin from further damage with an appropriate SPF day cream.

For lightening in the eye area we recommend Eliminate Lighten & Brighten Eye Crème.

Dark circles that are a result of hyperpigmentation or a build-up of dead skin cells can be treated successfully with the same ingredients found in our Lightening & Brightening products for the face and body. Eliminate Lighten & Brighten Eye Crème contains Kojic Acid, L-arbutin and Licorice Root to lighten darkness while hydrating and firming the eye contour.

For lightening skin on the body, our Lighten & Brighten Body Lotion is a great choice!

Hydrate and moisturize while lightening pigmentation on the arms, legs, torso and back! For the décolleté area you can carry your chosen face treatment down you neck and over the décolleté, treating it the same way you would your face, including appropriate sun protection.

For stubborn conditions that don’t respond to topical treatments alone, speak to your dermatologist or skin care specialist about chemical peels or laser treatments.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, your skincare specialist at or follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

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Glowingly yours,

Lisa P

Skincare Specialist
Derma MD Canada

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NEW! Derma MD Essentials, Anti-Aging Day & Night Duo

We are pleased to announce the launch of the next two products in the Derma MD Essentials line!

Derma MD Essentials addresses the 7 signs of aging which include, dehydration, fine lines, wrinkles, skin discoloration, enlarged pores and loss of elasticity and fullness, with "double duty" products, stretching your dollar and treating multiple issues with fewer products.

Our Day & Night Duo contains:

Ultra Shield 25 - Anti-Aging Day Crème

Moisturize & Protect
A creamy daytime moisturizer with zinc oxide and antioxidants to protect skin from the elements while increasing moisture retention.  Use daily for radiant and vibrant skin!
Regular Price: $87.45

Ultra Nourish - Anti-Aging Night Crème

Nourish & Hydrate
A rich hydrating moisturizer to improve the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. Formulated with both olive and avocado oil, this antioxidant rich moisturizer will protect from free radical damage while helping to prevent collagen breakdown.  Use nightly for smoother and younger looking skin
Regular Price: $112.45

We are offering BOTH products together an a special introductory price of
only $89.95!
Regular Price: $199.90 
That's more than half off!

*limited time only

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Calming Redness and Rosacea with Gentle Skincare

Rosacea begins as a bright red flush across the cheeks.

It can either come and go or become a permanent blush. Either way it gradually becomes worse with tiny broken capillaries beginning to grow and spread across the cheeks and nose, eventually leading to small, acne like bumps. Rosacea is a chronic, inflammatory skin condition that causes extreme skin sensitivity and is notoriously difficult to treat. Rosacea affects an estimated 2 million Canadians, and flare ups are often triggered by environmental exposure (sun, wind and heat) as well as exercise, stress, irritating cosmetics, spicy foods, alcohol and caffeine.

Rosacea is progressive, meaning if symptoms are left untreated and triggers are not managed, it can get worse over time. Left untreated, rosacea can become purple or bluish capillaries across most of the face and skin can become reactive to almost anything that touches it.

See your doctor if you believe you may have Rosacea. He or she may be able to recommend medical treatments to help manage the condition. Along with your doctors suggestions, we recommend a gentle and calming skincare routine to help reduce inflammation to sooth and prevent flareups.

Treating Rosacea - Calm and Protect

1. Begin with a gentle cleanser such as Enzyme Cleanser. This cleanser is gentle enough to be used on even the most sensitive skin types. Use twice daily, AM and PM. This cleanser also removes makeup beautifully.

2. Apply Pink Silk Serum to calm the skin and reduce inflammation. Pink Silk, our #1 bestseller contains AstaXanthin, one of the worlds most powerful antioxidants to reduce inflammation and hydrate the skin.

3. Apply Copper CoQ10 Moisturizer (formerly known as HydraCalm) to gently calm sensitive skin, reduce redness and inflammation and hydrate. Rosacea sufferers have said that this moisturizer soothes irritated skin like no other.

4. Protect skin from sun exposure with Last Step SPF 50. It's extremely important to protect rosacea skin types from UV exposure! Sun exposure can make Rosacea worse so use Last Step daily to protect delicate skin.

All of these products can be found together in our specially priced Essential Rosacea Collection.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, your skincare specialist at or follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

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Glowingly yours,

Lisa P

Skincare Specialist
Derma MD Canada


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Lighten & Brighten with our Deluxe Hyper-Pigmentation Skincare Collection!

One of our most common questions here at Derma MD?

How do I lighten dark spots and hyper-pigmentation?

We recommend a skincare treatment plan to both prevent and correct hyper-pigmentation.  Begin with our gentle Enzyme Cleanser to prepare the skin. Use both AM and PM.  Enzyme Cleanser contains gentle fruit enzymes to help dissolve dead skin cells allowing for better penetration of the products to follow.  In the AM, follow with Pink Silk Face Firming Rejuvenator and then Last Step SPF 50.  These products will help prevent dark spots, sun spots and sun damage with natural antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents and broad spectrum sun protection.  In the PM, follow cleansing with Lightening & Brightening Crème and then Copper CoQ10 Moisturizer.  The Lightening & Brightening Crème with it's gentle skin lighteners will help to diminish dark spots while Copper CoQ10 Moisturizer will help to heal and repair the skin.  These two products will help correct hyper-pigmentation while providing anti-aging benefits as well.

By using this treatment plan you can correct what you see on the surface of your skin while preventing new damage from forming! As an added bonus, all of these products are formulated to help reduce signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles by increasing collagen production and rejuvenating skin's appearance.

To makes things easier we've created the perfect skincare collection for Hyper-Pigmentation.

Deluxe Hyper-Pigmentation Collection

It contains:

Enzyme Cleanser

Diminish Lighting and Brightening Crème

Pink Silk Face Firming Rejuvenator

Last Step Daytime Moisturizer with SPF 50

Copper CoQ10 Moisturizer

 The Regular Price for this group of products is $395.30

For a limited time we are offering this bundle at 50% off!

Sale Price: $197.65

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BHAs (Beta Hydroxy Acids) for Acne and Anti-Aging

After our last blog post about exfoliation, we’ve had some questions about BHAs (Beta Hydroxy Acids) and how they work. I’m going to take this opportunity to explain how this highly effective skincare ingredient can help transform your complexion!

Beta Hydroxy Acid, also known as Salicylic Acid (derived from the ingredient that makes up Aspirin) is an anti-inflammatory exfoliant that helps to reduce build-up of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin as well as inside the follicle (pore) all while it helps to speed healing and reduce redness.

Because of Salicylic acid’s ability to reduce dead skin cell build up on the surface as well as inside the pore, it is a great choice for treating red marks, brown spots, age spots and sun damage as well as treating acne, blackheads and white heads. Exfoliation within the pore helps keep them free of debris and allows the sebum to flow freely. Salicylic acid also has the ability to kill acne bacteria making in a great choice for those battling acne!

Derma MD uses an encapsulated form of Salicylic acid that is time-released allowing it to continue working long after you applied the product

Is a BHA product right for you?

If you’re battling blackheads, acne or enlarged pores using a BHA product such as Clear-ifying Wasabi Resurfacing Gel will help to unclog blocked pores, reduce acne bacteria and erase red spots (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) from previous acne breakouts.

If you have sensitive skin or rosacea and would like to try adding an exfoliant to your routine we recommend Niacinamide Pore Refining Serum. The combination of Salicylic Acid and Niacinamide will help to reduce redness and calm the skin while keeping pores clear.

We also recommend Niacinamide Pore Refining Serum for those concerned with preventing signs of aging such as fine lines, dull or uneven skin, discoloration, sun damage, dry patches or large pores on the forehead, nose and cheeks.

How to use your BHA product.

We recommend starting off by using your BHA product once per day, preferably as part of your PM routine. Apply a few drops after your cleanser and toner but before your serum and/or moisturizer. Unlike many other brands of exfoliants, you will feel very little, if any stinging or tingling when using a Derma MD exfoliant. This is because of our time-released, encapsulated technology. Although our concentration of Salicylic is higher than most brands at 4%, the active ingredient will be released slowly over night instead of a blast of salicylic acid all at once. The pH of our BHA products are perfectly optimized for best results.

Many people find that adding a BHA exfoliant to their skincare routine creates noticeable changes within their skin. A smoother surface texture, less discolouration and fewer breakouts are some of the many reasons to give BHAs a try.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, your skincare specialist at or follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

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Glowingly yours,

Lisa P

Skincare Specialist
Derma MD Canada

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No Anti-Aging Treatment is Complete Without Exfoliation!

Want younger looking skin in 5 minutes?

Impossible you say? Not only is it possible, it’s something so simple it can be done in mere minutes in your own home. What is this miracle anti-aging treatment I speak of? Exfoliation. Plain and simple.

Exfoliation is the process of sloughing off the outermost layer of dead skin cells that build up on the surface of the skin.

There are two methods of exfoliation, mechanical and chemical.

In Mechanical Exfoliation, skin cells are physically scrubbed off with an abrasive material such as the sea salts used in body glow treatments for example. Microdermabrasion is also an example of Mechanical Exfoliation, where fine crystals are sprayed onto the skin to remove dead skin cells at a deeper level and then the crystals and skin cells are sucked into a light vacuum leaving the skin smooth and soft.


In Chemical Exfoliation, a mild acid or enzyme is applied to the skin to loosen the bond that holds skin cells together, allowing them to be sloughed away. This can be done daily at home with a mild acid such as salicylic acid, or can be done with a stronger acid or enzyme in a spa or dermatologists office in a procedure known as a Chemical Peel.

Now why does exfoliation make you look younger? It’s all about the way the skin reflects light. A rough surface will absorb light and draw attention to lines and wrinkles. A smooth surface will reflect light and diffuse the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Not only that but with all those dead skin cells removed, anti-aging skincare products can be better absorbed into the skin allowing them to do their job more effectively.

Want to add exfoliation to your skincare routine?

Derma MD has two options. One Mechanical and one Chemical.

Our Mechanical option, the lovely At Home Microderm uses corundum crystals, like those found in microdermabrasion equiptment with luxurious anti-aging ingredients in a creamy base. Used 2 or 3 times per week, it will leave your skin smooth, soft and supple allowing for better penetration of serums such as Pink Silk or Vitamin C Milk.

At-Home Microderm

Our Chemical option, Niacinamide Pore Refining Serum has a unique delivery system of 4% encapsulated salicylic acid that will increase cell turnover and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This product is also wonderful for acneic skin as salicylic acid is known to exfoliate inside the pore to remove dead skin cells that can block the pore and cause acne. See our blog post Winning the Battle with Acne for more info. Niacinamide Pore Refining Serum can be used daily.

Niacinamide Pore Refining Serum

There are 2 important things to remember when adding an exfoliant to your skincare routine.

1. Don’t overdo it! Having smooth, supple skin is a wonderful thing but over exfoliating can cause excessive dryness, increased sensitivity and redness.

2. Wear sunscreen, even on cloudy days! Your freshly exfoliated face will look smooth and fresh but that outer layer of skin cells was offering some protection from the sun. It is extremely important to protect that glowing new skin with a high SPF sunblock such as Last Step, SPF 50.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, your skincare specialist at or follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

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 Canada acne skincare anti-aging antioxidants peptides serums collagen creams

Glowingly yours,

Lisa P

Skincare Specialist
Derma MD Canada

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Clear Acne with Wasabi!

Wasabi and sushi are a traditional Japanese food pairing but did you know that wasabi serves a greater purpose than adding a little fiery heat to your meal? Most sushi fans couldn't imagine eating their sashimi without it but few know that the reason why wasabi is served with sushi, aside from the great taste, is that it's a natural antibacterial that can help prevent food poisoning when eating raw fish.

Wasabi's natural antibacterial properties also make it an excellent ingredient for treating acne! Although we don't recommend slathering this green paste directly on your skin (ouch!), using acne products that contain wasabi extract can dramatically transform your skin.


Derma MD's Clear-ifying Wasabi Acne Treatment System contains wasabi extract along with fruit acids, marine algae, encapsulated salicylic acid and niacinamide to help control acne causing bacteria without the dryness or irritation caused by benzoyl peroxide containing products.

Try it now for 50% off until October 7th!


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Introducing T.H.E. Essentials Skincare by Derma MD! Now in Canada!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our T.H.E. Essentials Skincare Collection!  Are you new to Derma MD Canada?  T.H.E. Essentials Skincare Collection is the perfect place to begin.  Designed with simplicity in mind, the T.H.E. Essentials Collection features skincare products that work synergistically together for fast results.  Over the coming months we will be adding to The Essentials Collection beginning with our anti-aging powerhouse duo including T.H.E. Age Eraser and Moisture Binder.

Derma MD’s T.H.E. Essentials Skincare Collection begins with the most effective active ingredients combined for fastest results. Many of the products doing double and even triple duty providing hydration, increasing firmness, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and protecting the skin from environmental damage.

Our first two products include a dynamic anti-aging duo of hydration and anti-aging benefits.

T.H.E. Moisture Binder, Hyaluronic B5 Water Gel

Deeply hydrate your skin with Moisture Binder B5 Water Gel. Thirsty skin will love this water gel! Hyaluronic acid penetrates deeply for increased moisture retention while Vitamin B5 nourishes and helps to provide the skin with what it needs to fight lines and wrinkles. Apply 1-2 drops of this lightweight and easily absorbed gel to face and neck. Follow with T.H.E. Age Eraser for best results.

T.H.E. Age Eraser, Transforming C Serum


Turn back the clock with the restorative properties of Vitamin C! A powerful elixir with multiple types of Vitamin C will help tighten and brighten skin while protecting it from environmental damage. A cocktail of antioxidants including grape seed, pomegranate and cranberry seed help to protect skin from free radicals while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Apply 1-2 drops to face and neck after T.H.E. Moisture Binder.

This combination of anti-aging ingredients is recommended by world renowned doctors including Dr Oz for helping to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, your skincare specialist at or follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and now Instagram!

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 acne Canada anti-aging skincare

Glowingly yours,

Lisa P

Skincare Specialist
Derma MD Canada

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Soothing Skin with Soy

Dry skin, eczema, psoriasis and general dermatitis can all cause serious discomfort without the right skincare.  Itchy, red, inflamed and irritated skin is in desperate need of some soothing comfort!

Soy to the Rescue!

The unique combination of ingredients in Soy Moisturizer including Quercetin, Soy Bean Oil, Shea Butter, Algae Extract, Olive Oil and Rosehip Seed Oil are known to soothe irritation and assist in healing.

How does it work?

Soy has been used for skin conditions in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years but it has only recently begun to gain popularity in mainstream skincare after scientists observed that Asian workers in soybean factories who handled soy beans daily had especially smooth and even toned skin.

Soy is rich in beneficial proteins, amino acids, essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins which helps to lock in hydration by improving skin’s barrier function to prevent moisture loss and evaporation. Soy also helps to even skin tone and texture and help protect the skin from environmental stresses like free radicals. Soy lipids also help to heal damaged tissue and promote quick regeneration of skin cells.

Quercetin is a bioflavonoid ingredient that natural occurs in plants such as kale, tomatoes and berries.  It is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent that also assists in healing due to the stimulating effect it has on the immune system of which our skin is our body's first line of defense.

Shea Butter, Olive Oil and Rosehip Seed Oil are all high in essential fatty acids which help to sooth and moisturize dry and irritated skin.

Apply Soy Moisturizer liberally to dry, irritated skin on both the face and body.   If you are using a prescription cream for eczema or psoriasis apply between doses or on off days to keep skin hydrated and protected and to reduce itchiness and irritation.

Soy Moisturizer is also a wonderful alternative to Aloe Vera to sooth and heal sunburnt skin.

It also helps to soften dry flaky elbows and even calloused hands and feet!

Soy Moisturizer is something everyone should have on hand for life’s little skin irritations.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, your skincare specialist at or follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

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Glowingly yours,

Lisa P

Skincare Specialist
Derma MD Canada

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