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Donna Greenough

President - Nature & Lifestyle Products Canada
Office: 866-262-3223

Donna Greenough is the President of Nature & Lifestyle Products Canada Inc., exclusive distributor for Derma MD Skincare in Canada. The distribution office is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Donna has been in the skincare business since August 2002. Derma MD has been her main line since October 2007. Donna met Sheila, the co-founder of Derma MD, at a trade show in Las Vegas where she was introduced to the Derma MD line. At the time, Nature & Lifestyle was not carrying an acne line so the D Zit portion of the line was introduced to Canada. After Donna’s son used the D Zit products and experienced unbelievable results Donna realized what extraordinary products these were and decided to try the anti-aging products as well. After using the products herself for a couple months and noticing amazing results she decided to bring in the complete Derma MD Skincare line for distribution. Donna slowly dropped her other products that she was carrying and focused on the distribution of Derma MD.

Donna’s 20 plus years of accounting and financial experience gives her the tools she needs to operate and run a very successful distribution company.

Iris Von Shoening

Product Representative - Calgary & Area

Iris’ passion is truly a unique combination of science and beauty. Her experience spans over 20+ years in the esthetics industry, both cosmetic and medical. Her background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry, diplomas in Cosmetic Science, Advanced Makeup Artistry and Medical Laser Technology. It was during her Medical Laser course that she was introduced to Derma MD Skincare and fell in love with the products. Her work experience ranges from professional makeup artist in the Vancouver film industry, to owning her own wedding business, to working in various medi-spas and surgery clinics in Vancouver and Calgary as a Certified Laser Technician and Skincare Specialist.  She is very knowledgeable and loves what she does. She has a wonderful, gentle energy about her and patients feel instantly comfortable and confident in her care.

Cara Melo

Product Representative - Toronto & Area

Cara began her career in medical esthetics after graduating from University of Toronto in 1991. She attended the College of International Esthetics Cosmetology & Beauty program followed by certification as a Medical Esthetics Specialist at RMLC Laser College.   Since then she has become a well-known and respected sales and practical trainer for hundreds of medical aesthetics clinics across North America. When she isn't training Cara writes articles for anti-aging publications, speaks at medical aesthetics conventions and lectures at Seneca College.  Results oriented, unique ingredients is what brought Cara to the DemaMD team. With over 20 years' experience as a medical aesthetic trainer she recognized the quality of DermaMD's offerings and saw huge differences in clients' skin that were using it as well as her own.