Mission Statement

Our high-performance skin care line helps you achieve a healthy, clear complexion with results-driven formulas & powerful ingredients. Whether your skin is dry or oily, our hyaluronic acid skincare products will keep your skin hydrated and nourished. Need to combat acne? Our salicylic acid skincare products will help clear up breakouts and prevent future ones from forming. Are fine lines & wrinkles giving you a hard time? Our peptide and antioxidant skincare products are the perfect way to fight back against the signs of aging. With our premium natural ingredients, you can be sure that every skincare product we make is pure & effective.

Our Strategy

Derma MD Skincare will achieve its mission by working with the most advanced chemists and groundbreaking anti-aging/peptides & antioxidant ingredients available. In doing so, we will be committed to providing a consistently evolving skincare line to meet the demands of the physician, aesthetician and consumer.

Core Values

Nature & Lifestyle Products Canada Inc. is built on the core values of Trust, Honesty and Integrity. Ensuring our products and business practices are consistent with these core values is our #1 priority.

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