• BACK TO SCHOOL – How to avoid Breakouts!!

    BACK TO SCHOOL – How to avoid Breakouts!!
    Going back to school in September can be an extremely stressful time of year.  We know that stress can lead to breakouts, skin irritation & acne. When your body is stressed there becomes an imbalance in hormones and therefore an increase in sebum production which can cause clogged pours, inflammation and acne.   So what can you do to help prevent breakouts? Get plenty of sleep – It is found that lack of sleep and inflammation are linked.  If you are not sleeping deeply or long enough, you’re not giving your body a chance to repair...

    When our skin is young our skin makes lots of substances that help it bounce back into place getting rid of any sagging or lines & wrinkles.  Aging along with environmental factors play a role in degrading these important aspects of skin that give it the flexibility we all want. As you age, and the muscles of your face and neck move with day to day facial expressions, and the end result is we start to develop lines before our time.  These fine lines are slowly etched into our features as expression lines. Expression lines contribute...
  • SKIN FASTING – Back to the Basics

    SKIN FASTING – Back to the Basics
    We have all heard of body Cleanses and Fasting – it is time to do the same with our skin.  Summer is a great time to do this.  Over the years ladies have been mesmerized by all the anti-aging products and ingredients.  Your cabinets are full of them as you have bought every product that promised a miracle.  The sad truth is there is no miracle creams.  Skincare like anything else needs to be used correctly and on a regular basis to get results over a period of time. It’s like going on a diet and...
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