• Skincare Survival Products & Treatment for Mask Wearers

    Skincare Survival Products & Treatment for Mask Wearers
    A good skincare regime with quality products is very important for those having to wear a mask on a regular basis.  Products with irritating ingredients should be avoided.  Use all treatment products at night while you sleep without retinoids or acids.  Your skincare regime should include products with ingredients to sooth, hydrate & protect your skin while under a mask.Basic Skin Survival for mask wearers:ALWAYS wear a clean mask.  If this is not possible spray the inside with rubbing alcohol and let dry.  Before putting on your mask:1. CLEANSE - with a gentle cleanser (avoid drying or irritating...
  • How to Age Gracefully

    How to Age Gracefully
    Today I’d like to share the absolute best and simple Steps to follow in order to Age Gracefully. Now most of you may expect me to talk all about skincare products, seeing that I’m a Cosmetic Formulator. But not at all! Aging Gracefully is all about a life-long commitment to Self-Care! There are positive habits and healthy ways to live, which will carry you through life and make you feel great & look fresh and glowing as the years pass. If you have any fav tips on Aging Gracefully- feel free to share them by posting...
  • Can COVID-19 Live on Your Beauty Products?

    Can COVID-19 Live on Your Beauty Products?
    While it’s unclear exactly how long the coronavirus remains active outside the body, studies have reported activity anywhere from two hours (hands) to nine days (metal) depending on the surface. The experts recommend proceeding with your regularly scheduled beauty regimen cautiously, as the exact longevity of SARS-CoV-2 has not been tested in beauty products. If you contract the coronavirus, avoid using any products, and definitely avoid sharing yours with other people. As far as disinfecting products you already have at home, the recommendations apply to the outer packaging. You can wipe down a lotion bottle or lipstick tube...
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