NATURAL ACNE TREATMENT INGREDIENTS: How they work - How to use them.


How does Niacinamide work?

Niacinamide is an anti-inflammatory that works to reduce the swelling and redness associated with acne.  It also works to regulate the amount of acne causing oil being produced by the glands in your skin.  In addition, it regulates skin tone and can help to fade the marks that acne can leave on the skin.  For Niacinamide to be effective in a product you need to have at least 2%.

Why does Wasabi work?

Wasabi is a natural antibacterial which makes it an excellent ingredient for treating acne!  Although we don't recommend slathering green paste directly on your skin (ouch!), using acne products that contain wasabi extract can dramatically transform your skin.

Why is Encapsulated Salicylic Acid more effective?

Encapsulated Salicylic Acid is advanced technology.  It is composed of tiny beads that contain salicylic acid in small amounts.  The technology ensures sustained time release of SA to the targeted areas in the skin & gentle exfoliation of the skin over time.  Because the SA is time released it is much gentler on the skin AND continues to work all day to open clogged pores, keep them open and neutralize the bacteria. 

Treatment Regime for Mild to Severe Acne:


  1. Cleansing: Start by cleansing your skin with Wasabi Cleanser for moderate to severe acne or Enzyme Cleanser for mild acne.  Soap may cause your skin to become dry.
  2. Treatment: Spray Wasabi Refining Toner and allow to absorb.
  3. Further Products: Acne treatment products can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight.  Use a moisturizing SPF such as Chebula Moisturizer SPF


  1. Cleansing your skin at night is a very important step as it removes sweat & oil that may have built up over the day and might be at risk for blocking pores. Use Wasabi Cleanser or Enzyme Cleanser depending on your skin type and level of acne.
  2. Treatment: Spray Wasabi Refining Toner & allow to absorb.  Follow with Wasabi Resurfacing Gel.  This is your work horse product and will work while you sleep to decrease Acne “P” bacteria & open clogged pores. 
  3. Further Products: Pink Silk Rejuvenating Serum hydrates, calms & takes down redness.  Loaded with antioxidants to nourish the skin.  If you have dry skin, follow with a moisturizer such as Copper CoQ 10 mineral moisturizer.
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