MASKS and SCRUBS – what do they really do?

Masks & Scrubs: What do they really do? | Derma MD Skincare Canada

Masks can be fun and beneficial for a variety of concerns.

Generally, masks and scrubs are home treatments done 2-3/week to provide extra care for your skin to compliment daily routines.

Masks can be in the form of:

- Mud/Clay like: Bentonite, Kaolin, Fullers Earth, French Clay; these generally absorb oil and detox the skin of impurities, great for oily, congested skin

- Charcoal – absorbs 1000’s of times it weight in oil, very detoxing

- Sulfur – the first antibiotic, great for acne, oily skin

- Vitamin C – antioxidant boost, anti-aging, brightening

- Hyaluronic acid – super hydrating

- Pumpkin – very gently exfoliation for sensitive skin using enzyme action

Scrubs can be in the form of:

- Apricot/Walnut shells – not recommended for the face – can cause scratches in the skin for bacteria to grow…

- Polyethylene beads – effective exfoliants but are bad for the environment – they don’t break down!

- Pumice – ground natural stone, completely biodegradable, gentle and smooth for sensitive skin, excellent overall for all skin types!

-  Enzymes (pumpkin, papaya) – these are generally gentle and provide mild exfoliation.

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