Clear Skin is Easy with Wasabi & Charcoal

Clear Skin is Easy with Wasabi & Charcoal | Derma MD Canada

What’s worse than sending your kids back to school with a face full of acne, blemishes, or red, ugly, irritated skin? School is hard enough without dealing with skin problems.

The trick is to get the right balance between ingredients that target and treat the acne without stripping all the natural skin’s protectants and leaving the skin super dry, flaky and sensitive.

Acne is classified from stages 1 – 4.  Only a medical professional can “diagnose” a skin condition, however, the basis of what causes acne and blemishes is:

Dead skin cells mix with sebum to form clogs in your pores, and if these clogs don’t get cleared out, bacteria starts to grow, resulting in redness, blemishes, whiteheads, blackheads, acne etc.

The key elements for preventing and treating mild acne is:

- exfoliation: to remove dead skin cells

- controlling excess sebum production (oily skin)

- effective cleansing of pores (at least twice daily)

- and do all this without over-drying or irritating the skin

For effective but gentle exfoliation try: salicylic acid, scrubs with pumice or beads (avoid walnut or apricot shells – they can cause microscopic scratches which can promote bacterial growth)

For controlling oil try: low levels of retinol, toners (alcohol free), moisturizers with Hyaluronic acid in serum form to provide hydration without causing congestion. If the skin is stripped of natural oil (sebum) too often, it will stimulate more sebum to be produced because the skin thinks it is too dry.

Masks are great too, especially detoxing clay masks or charcoal or sulfur or various others.

For cleansing try: salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide cleansers to dissolve clogs, and anti-bacterial agents such as tea tree, wasabi, niacinamide (which is comparable to 1% Clindamycin).

Try DermaMD’s Wasabi Line for acne prone skin. It’s easy to use, smells great, comes in attractive unisex packaging and is suitable for tweens right up to adults. It comes as a pack with a Gel Cleanser, Toner and Serum. Use twice daily for healthy, clear skin!

DermaMD’s Charcoal Mud Mask is the perfect compliment for your Anti-Acne Skincare basics.

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