• Welcome to the Derma MD Loyalty Rewards

    Welcome to the Derma MD Loyalty Rewards
    Getting started: Start earning points and saving money today. Sign up for our NEW Derma MD Skincare Loyalty Program. Derma MD Skincare wants to give back to our loyal customers and has created an exciting NEW rewards program. Our program is designed to reward our loyal customers with points that you accumulate and use as cash for product purchases. We hope you enjoy it! Please read some of the great benefits of our program below.
  • MASKS and SCRUBS – what do they really do?

    MASKS and SCRUBS – what do they really do?
    Masks can be fun and beneficial for a variety of concerns. Generally, masks and scrubs are home treatments done 2-3/week to provide extra care for your skin to compliment daily routines. Masks can be in the form of: - Mud/Clay like: Bentonite, Kaolin, Fullers Earth, French Clay; these generally absorb oil and detox the skin of impurities, great for oily, congested skin - Charcoal – absorbs 1000’s of times it weight in oil, very detoxing - Sulfur – the first antibiotic, great for acne, oily skin - Vitamin C – antioxidant boost, anti-aging, brightening - Hyaluronic...
  • Be Swimsuit Ready with Secret Confidence

    Be Swimsuit Ready with Secret Confidence
    Have you ever wished your “private areas” could be lightened?…safely? Without “bleaching” or anything so drastic as a Medi-Spa treatment? Or even your underarms or knees or neck area? Here is a fantastic product that is safe to use anywhere on the body without harmful side effects! “Secret Confidence” by DermaMD: Skin Lightener for Intimate Areas Formulated specifically to be safe and effective at gently lightening pigmented areas such as the areola, underarms and other intimate areas that are desired to be lighter.  This radiant triple lightening serum combines three actives that inhibit tyrosinase and disrupt...
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