Winning the Battle With Acne, Michelle's Story

This isn't our first "Winning the Battle With Acne" blog post.  We've done this before and absolutely love to share stories of people who have won the battle with acne using Derma MD's Blemish Treatment System.

Michelle's Story

Michelle is a busy mom of two little girls who didn't begin having issues with her skin until after her children were born.

"Growing up, I never had issues with my skin. I would get the odd pimple here or there but nothing much to speak of. After having both my children, I made the decision not to go back onto birth control. A few months later, I had huge regrets! My skin was awful! Every morning waking up with more breakouts. I even went as far as to go onto antibiotics at the advice of my sister (she was going through the same thing)."

This is a pretty common occurrence.  Birth control pills can be a helpful way to deal with acne for some people and going off them can cause some big changes in the skin.  Combined with pregnancy and post pregnancy hormones, many women find themselves battling skin issues they never had to deal with in their adolescence.

"Although it worked while I was taking it, as soon as I finished the antibiotics my skin problem just came back. I honestly felt like it was going to be that way for the rest of my life."

"That was until I got in touch with a DermaMD Skincare Specialist and it CHANGED my life!"

We put Michelle on our Clear-ifying Wasabi Blemish Treatment System with an oil free SPF moisturizer in the morning and an anti-aging serum that also helps control acne at night.

She used:

"I've been using the acne line for 3 months and my skin is now back to 'normal'."

"I can't say enough about the effectiveness of this product. It took just a few weeks to see results and I haven't looked back since. It goes without saying, but this product system is definitely worth it, and I would highly recommend it!"

Michelle K

Michelle and her sister are both using the line now with great success.

Acne is caused when dead skin cells and sebum (oil) collect in pores. Combine these clogged pores with an aggressive bacteria called Propionibaterium Acnes, also known as “P. acne bacteria” (easier to pronounce) and you’ll have the inflammation and infection associated with pimples. Over production of sebum by hyperactive sebaceous glands (a common condition known as Seborrhea or simply Oily Skin) can feed the P. acne bacteria and cause it to grow and multiply.  Hormones can contribute to the over production of sebum and aggravate the condition further.

The key to winning the battle with acne is to control  P. Acne Bacteria and reduce inflammation. This begins by using products with ingredients such as encapsulated salicylic acid, niacinamide and wasabi to control acne bacteria without irritating the skin.

Derma MD's Clear-ifying Wasabi Treatment System is designed to control acne bacteria to prevent new breakouts as well as helping the skin to heal from current breakouts.

Acne cannot be cured overnight, even with the best products. Just like any other wound, the skin needs time to heal and recover. However, while treating and healing the current breakouts, you can begin to prevent new ones from forming. Within a few weeks, like Michelle, you will notice an improvement in your skin.

You too can win the battle against acne!

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