The Truth About Vitamin C

Although Vitamin C has been a hot topic skincare ingredient for more than a decade, the truth is not all forms of Vitamin C are created equal.

Vitamin C offers a multitude of anti-aging benefits.  When formulated correctly it's a powerhouse ingredient all by itself and is even more effective when combined with other antioxidants. Not all forms of Vitamin C are stable however and it's important to do your research before purchasing a Vitamin C product.

Vitamin C in its basic state is an unstable compound that can become ineffective when exposed to UV light and oxygen.  There are many products on the market that contain Vitamin C but it's important to use products that contain stabilized Vitamin C, packaged in air tight, opaque containers that protect this powerful ingredient from light and air. 

Derma MD's Vitamin C Serums contain only stabilized forms Vitamin C so you know you aren't wasting your money.

Stabilized Vitamin C offers superior antioxidant protection, shielding skin from damaging free radicals that are found in our every day environment including UV damage, pollution and even the oxygen we breath.

This powerful antioxidant can:

  • help reduce the appearance of sun spots and age spots
  • increase healthy collagen for firmer skin
  • fade red spots and acne scars
  • reduce inflammation and irritation
  • reduce the appearance of broken capillaries
  • help boost your skin's natural defenses against UV exposure
  • brighten the skin's appearance

Types of Vitamin C

L-Ascorbic Acid and Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate are two superior types of Vitamin C used in top quality skincare.  L-Ascorbic Acid is a powerhouse antioxidant and collagen booster and is highly effective when used in higher concentrations from 15-20%.  Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate is a highly stable and effective antioxidant that is also known to increase skin's hydration level and improve elasticity.

Our 17% Vitamin C Serum contains BOTH of these ingredients that work synergistically together to target dark spots and hyperpigmentation as well as boosting collagen to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  This serum is highly active and can tingle on the skin therefor we do not recommend it for very sensitive skin types.

Ascorbyl Palmitate is a non-acidic form of Vitamin C that is gentle on the skin while still working hard to eliminate free radicals.  It is a moisturizing form of Vitamin C that is safe to use daily for even the most sensitive skin types.

Our Vitamin C Milk contains Ascorbyl Palmitate combined with super antioxidants Pycnogenol and Reservatrol to reduce inflammation, lighten the appearance of hyperpigmentation, improve the appearance of broken capillaries and boost collagen levels for firmer, more luminous and younger looking skin.

When should you add a Vitamin C Serum to your skincare routine?

If you feel like your skin is starting to show it's age or is starting to look dull and less vibrant then it may be time to add a Vitamin C Serum to your night time skincare routine.  Your skin will begin to look brighter and firmer within the first few weeks.

We recommend using either Vitamin C serum at night after cleansing and toning, before applying a night cream such as Uplifting Face & Neck Crème.  Alternate with Pink Silk or S-Cargot in the morning followed by Last Step SPF 50.

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