Revamp Your Facial Routine in 2019

Revamp your facial routine in 2019 with Derma MD Canada

As important as it is to wash your face every day and use good skincare it is equally important to treat your lips. Your lips like your face are exposed to the elements and need to be hydrated and protected. Collagen in the lips breaks down just like the collagen in your face. If you treat your lips twice daily this aging process will slow down and you will have healthy plump lips without fillers!!

Instead of Lip Fillers: Derma MD Glamur Lip Plumpers

There is no need to get Lip Fillers if you begin a twice-daily routine to keep the lips hydrated & protected. The ongoing effect of peptide and vitamin A Palmitate help to increase collagen levels, reduce lip lines, while Vitamin B3 provides instant gratification plumping. Glamur™ LIP Plump exfoliates and conditions the sensitive skin of your lips as it moisturizes and protects them all day long. Your lips will appear instantly fuller, and over time that appearance will become reality. Hydration for softness, a pop of color for that sexy sleekness, and long-lasting results. This lip treatment has it all.

Glamur Lip Plumper does not breakdown existing lip color so can be used as a gloss over your favorite lipstick.

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