REVAMP YOUR FACIAL ROUTINE IN 2019 | Alternatives to Botox | Derma MD Canada

The best, cheapest and easiest way to achieve younger, healthier looking skin is through a consistent regimen AT HOME!! Even though you visit the dentist once or twice a year you don’t come home and hang up your toothbrush. As important as it is to brush your teeth twice a day it is equally important to treat your skin twice a day at home.

Best results are achieved with a consistent regimen – check back for MORE tips & tricks to add to your daily regime to achieve salon results at home!

Alternatives to Botox:  “Non Surgical Face Lift & Face-Saver Balls”  

The all popular Botox is an injectable toxin produced by bacterium clostridium botulinum.  This treatment is most popular to smooth out frown lines & crows feet. Remember this is a toxin, delivered by a needle & has many side effects not to mention the expense of having an injection several times a year.

a) Derma MD Non Surgical Face Lift – Many celeb’s including Kate Moss, Stella McCartney & Gwyneth Paltrow all want a natural alternative to Botox.  This Botox alternative contains natural neuro-peptides and seaweed extract which surround the muscle with proteins to block the skin from contracting strongly around muscles, while still allowing for some movement.  When the algae extract is combined with other ingredients, the skin around it will appear more youthful without seeming paralyzed. Add this light gel to your nightly routine and get the results of Botox without side effects!

b) Face Saver Balls – The Yamuna Face Ball, a rubbery ball that claims to work on the bone to improve its health and mass reduce skin sagging as a consequence. The ball also works out muscles, increases circulation, tones and helps reverse the effects of gravity.

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