Cannabis in skincare?

Cannabis in Skincare | Derma MD Canada

CANNABIS IN SKINCARE?  Try our NEW DREAM CREAM and wake up with skin of your DREAMS.


Now available in Skincare – the Oil from the seeds of the plant Cannabis Sativa, hemp seed, contains 21 essential amino acids necessary to maintain healthy skin. No other single plant source has these essential amino acids, nor has the essential fatty acids in as perfect a ratio to meet human needs for the skin.

Amino Acids are building blocks to the skin – like flour is to a cake. While other ingredients are important, you cannot bake a cake without flour. This is the same when your cells are producing collagen, elastin, and other proteins and fibers. If they don’t have enough amino acids you won’t get far in the fight against the signs of aging

Dream Cream is combined with additional anti-aging ingredients such as Vitamin A & C, along with peptide Matrixyl 3000™.  This unique cream provides all the nourishing and anti-aging ingredients to improve collagen levels and enhance skins natural beauty.

This is more than just a nighttime moisturizer as it is recommended to be used twice daily for maximum benefits. The combination of natural ingredient Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil along with multiple other anti-aging ingredients will give you the DREAMY TEXTURE of feeling soft, smooth, hydrated and supple.
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