Introducing Derma MD 24k Gold HYDRAeye Masque


The late nights, the long years, the laugh 'til it hurts moments. Your eyes show the effects of stress and time before any other place. Our 24K GOLD EYE MASQUES are clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the blink of an eye. These masques can be used for a quick pick me up, for special occasions or for LONG TERM results use 2-3 times a week. Use our NON-SURGICAL EYE LIFT underneath the eye area and proceed with the application of the masque pads for OPTIMAL RESULTS!.

Regular use will increase collagen, lighten dark areas under the eye, increase hydration, reduce puffiness & even out skin tons.


The skin under the eye area is the thinnest skin on your whole body.  This area needs to be treated with products that are specifically formulated for this area.

Our unique 24K Gold Eye Masques are formulated with Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Algae Extract & Hyaluronic Acid. These key ingredients work synergistically to improve the look of fine lines, wrinkles, under eye dark circles, puffiness, & loss of firmness.

Our NON-SURGICAL EYE LIFT is a product that is specifically formulated for the eye area – including the eye lid. Formulated with a Persian Silk Tree Extract which is clinically proven to lift upper eyelids, and reduce sagging under eye area.The Eye area will appear firmer and fine lines less noticeable. Collagen and elastin levels are improved with a clinically proven ingredient Asteraceae Siegesbeckia Orientalis: a very small thin grass found in India. The active compound found in this grass, named Darutoside, is also found to reduce pigment accumulation, thus reducing the appearance of dark circles.

Use our NON-SURGICAL Eye Lift daily. Can also be used under the 24K GOLD EYE MASQUES for instant results!

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