Schools Out for Summer - But Acne Does Not take a Holiday


Summer is a time for fun in the sun, beach & outdoor sports.  This combo is a breeding ground for acne. Acne develops when hair follicles become clogged. The clogged pores become inflamed and pimples are formed. If this goes untreated the pimples can become cysts and require more aggressive treatment.  

Increased sun exposure thickens the skin to form a protective barrier.  This thicker skin also leads to clogged pores. Being outdoors exposes the skin to dust, grime & sweat also clogging the pores.

Tips on how to keep the skin acne free & healthy all summer:

  • Avoid full sun exposure.  Increased sun exposure thickens the skin to form a protective barrier.  This thicker skin also leads to clogged pores. Enjoy early morning beach activities and in the evening.  Summer sun is your skin’s enemy.
  • Keep your skin clean.  Outdoor activities exposes the skin to dust, grime & sweat clogging the pores.  Cleanse your skin twice a day with a gentle Enzyme Cleanser or for oiler skin use an acne cleanser such as Wasabi Cleanser
  • Invest in a good sunscreen.  A good mineral sunscreen is a good choice with SPF30 plus.  This will stop the skin from thickening and clogging the pores. Ultra Shield SPF30
  • Keep skin exfoliated and free of bacteria.  The use of good, natural acne products can help keep your skin exfoliated and free of acne “P” bacteria.  Use a treatment such as Wasabi Gel once a day.  This gel will exfoliate, alleviate congested pores & kill acne “P” bacteria.
  • Use minimum makeup.  Best to keep it natural for the summer.  Foundation and compact powders clog pores.  If you really feel the need to have coverage try and stick with tinted water based moisturizers or concealers.
  • Hydrate Well.  Dehydrated skin increases the production of sebum which makes acne worse.  Drink plenty of water and juices so you are hydrated internally. Make sure you moisturise often.  Use a light weight water based moisturizer or spray. Wasabi toner can be sprayed on the face throughout the day.  This patented formula also uses vitamins to help nourish the skin and kill acne “P” bacteria without irritation all while keeping the skin hydrated.

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