To Tone Or Not To Tone?

To Toner or Not to Tone? | Derma MD Canada

What is a Toner?

Toners, Facial Mists, Toning Mists, Elixirs, Hydrating Water, etc...are everywhere these days. And they have been around for quite some time. So, what exactly do they do? Well, they vary, but generally they can help to hydrate your skin, remove the last traces of makeup and dirt, and restore the pH balance of your skin back to where it should be after cleansing has disrupted it.  

Now we have toners that can also provide protection to your skin cells (antioxidants), refresh your makeup (when used throughout the day), shrink your pores and even help calm irritation. Usually you use a toner between your cleanser and moisturizer; that means after you’ve taken off all your makeup and washed away all dirt and impurities.

Most toners come in a spray bottle so you can mist your face directly or spray the product onto a cotton pad and swipe it across your face. Then you follow it up with your favorite serum and/or moisturizer.

Some toners can also be used post workout to help prevent acne bacteria from building up and can be a “pick-me-up” when a complete cleansing is not practical.

Toners are also great for men and teens!  They just help clean the skin better and we all know these two categories tend to not be the most conscientious skin caretakers!

In summary, toners are lovely and can be of great benefit to almost all skin types, so choose one that suits you and enjoy!!

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