5 Easy Steps to Get Glowing Skin for your Wedding

5 Easy Steps to Glowing Skin for Your Wedding | Derma MD Canada

Want Glowing Skin for your Wedding?

Here’s how to achieve it!

Start a smart skincare routine NOW!! It's okay if you don't have that long before the wedding day, just start today. Your daily skincare routine should be to:

  • Cleanse twice a day
  • Use an SPF in the morning and moisturizer before bed
  • 2-3 times a week you should be exfoliating & using a masque suitable for your skin type.

If you follow this routine you will see your skin change. Smooth Soft Skin, Even Skin Tones – GLOWING!

Step #1

CleanseEnzyme Cleanser for normal to dry skin, Wasabi Cleanser for oily skin OR Pearl Cleanser for sensitive skin

Step #2

Moisturize – Protect your skin from the day's stressors. Every morning, on a clean face, use Pink Silk Serum to fight free radical damage, and then apply an SPF to protect the skin. At night before bed, use Copper CoQ10 Moisturizer to repair any damage done during the day.

Step #3

Exfoliate – This is a necessary step for glowing skin. Get rid of the dull, dead skin cells and let the new cells glow! Use Exfoliating Micro Peel Crème 2-3 times per week.

Step #4

Mask – Using a mask 2-3 times a week will purify the skin, decrease pore size and nourish the skin. Use Charcoal Clay Mask for oily skin or Avocado Pumpkin Mask for normal to dry.

Step #5

Lips – don’t forget about those beautiful lips! You want them supple, soft and plump for those wedding smooches. Use Glamur Lip Plumper treatment twice a day. This treatment will protect the lips from free radical damage, plump, hydrate and build collagen.


Stay with this routine to see REAL results!!


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