• Welcome to the Derma MD Loyalty Rewards

    Welcome to the Derma MD Loyalty Rewards
    Getting started: Start earning points and saving money today. Sign up for our NEW Derma MD Skincare Loyalty Program. Derma MD Skincare wants to give back to our loyal customers and has created an exciting NEW rewards program. Our program is designed to reward our loyal customers with points that you accumulate and use as cash for product purchases. We hope you enjoy it! Please read some of the great benefits of our program below.
  • 7 Tips for Travel Skincare

    7 Tips for Travel Skincare
    Getting away from winter. Traveling south to some heat! Don’t forget to maintain your skincare routine on the go!! 7 Travel Skincare Tips: HYDRATE – Traveling can take a lot out of you, especially when it comes to hydration.  At the airport or on the road, bring your water bottle that you can keep full. Drinking plenty of will help eliminate toxins and keep skin looking fresh & hydrated.   MOISTURIZE – Traveling in airports or cars can be so dry with air conditioning &/or heat. This means the extremely dry air blasting at you wants...
  • Did you know...?

    Did you know...?
    PRODUCTS THAT SMELL NICE ARE MORE EFFECTIVE… Although scent may seem inconsequential for skin care, it’s actually a very important aspect, beyond just basic enjoyment. The reason being that many consumers experience early onset of aging skin because they don’t use proper skincare on a regular enough basis...they simply forget to do it or don’t feel that it’s important enough. However, research in the last few decades has suggested that a big part of our behavior is based on habits. A habit emerges when we have a cue, perform a routine, and receive a reward. A...
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