7 Tips for Travel Skincare

Travel Skincare: 7 Tips to Keep Your Glow During Your Getaway

Getting away from winter. Traveling south to some heat! Don’t forget to maintain your skincare routine on the go!!

7 Travel Skincare Tips:

  1. HYDRATE – Traveling can take a lot out of you, especially when it comes to hydration.  At the airport or on the road, bring your water bottle that you can keep full. Drinking plenty of will help eliminate toxins and keep skin looking fresh & hydrated.  
  2. MOISTURIZE – Traveling in airports or cars can be so dry with air conditioning &/or heat. This means the extremely dry air blasting at you wants to absorb moisture from anywhere it can, including your skin. Always bring intensive moisturizing cream you can use on your hands, feet, and everywhere in between. COUGAR Hydra Boost Body Crème not only adds moisture to your hands & body but helps keep the body’s moisture in.  
  3. BARE – Heavy makeup on a long flight or road trip can be a recipe for disaster and breakouts! If you are on an extended road trip or flight have some disposable cleansing pads on hand to wipe away makeup for a clean fresh face during your travel.  
  4. ROUTINE – Don’t let your travels throw off your beauty regime once you get to your destination. Derma MD offers all your products in one handy kit which is great for travel. The 5 moisturizers and serums come in a travel case containing 15ml syringes for no mess application ANYWHERE. These syringes will last 4 – 6 weeks. So will last for those extended trips and can be thrown in your carry on.
  5. EYES – Pack a cooling eye mask to fight puffiness around the eyes and to help you get some beauty sleep on the long car ride or airplane. Feel well rested and look great too!
  6. MOVE – Long flights and car rides can cause muscle aches (or worse) if you’re not careful. Make an effort to get up and stretch your legs on a plane or go for a short walk on your stops if traveling in a vehicle. It is important to get your blood circulating when you can.
  7. PROTECT – Last but MOST importantly protect your skin from the harmful UVA & UVB rays. Make sure you use a sunscreen every morning and throughout the day for full protection (Ultra Shield SPF is included in the Derma MD Anti-Aging kit)
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