• Welcome to the Derma MD Loyalty Rewards

    Welcome to the Derma MD Loyalty Rewards
    Getting started: Start earning points and saving money today. Sign up for our NEW Derma MD Skincare Loyalty Program. Derma MD Skincare wants to give back to our loyal customers and has created an exciting NEW rewards program. Our program is designed to reward our loyal customers with points that you accumulate and use as cash for product purchases. We hope you enjoy it! Please read some of the great benefits of our program below.

    The Genetics of Aging (and how to fight it - for you AND your mom!) Scientists have previously attributed “aging” to cell damage accumulated throughout life, but now studies show some aspects of aging might be inherited! In these studies, certain cells have shown to have damage already present at birth, and are transmitted from mother to child via Mitochondrial DNA. Gee, thanks Mom! But we do have a solution….! Peptides to the rescue of your aging eyes! Aging is a popular topic of study these days as the Baby-Boomer generation is desperate to preserve their youth! Certain...
  • Combat Tired-Looking Eyes

    Combat Tired-Looking Eyes
    DO YOUR EYES LOOK TIRED?…EVEN IF YOU’RE NOT?! We’ve all been there…even under the age of 30, well hydrated and with enough sleep…we look in the mirror in the morning and see the eyes of an OLD, TIRED person looking back! CAUSES of TIRED-LOOKING, AGING EYES: GENETICS = #1 reason. Fair skinned people tend to have thinner skin under the eyes, which makes it more obvious when blood pools there (especially with slower circulation from lack of sleep). This accumulation causes fragile capillaries to stretch and leak, resulting in…DARK CIRCLES! Darker skinned individuals tend to have...
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