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We’ve all been there…even under the age of 30, well hydrated and with enough sleep…we look in the mirror in the morning and see the eyes of an OLD, TIRED person looking back!


GENETICS = #1 reason.

Fair skinned people tend to have thinner skin under the eyes, which makes it more obvious when blood pools there (especially with slower circulation from lack of sleep).

This accumulation causes fragile capillaries to stretch and leak, resulting in…DARK CIRCLES!

Darker skinned individuals tend to have a different structure to the orbital socket often causes restricted circulation around the eyes, leading to blood pooling under the eyes and the appearance of…DARK CIRCLES!
AGE is another factor (obviously!). Over time, skin loses collagen and elasticity becoming thinner, so veins show through more prominently. We also lose fatty tissue and the areas within the orbital socket hollow out.

UV EXPOSURE (esp. sunbathing) speeds up the breaking down process = UV BREAKS DOWN EVERYTHING!  Collagen, elastin vessels, capillaries etc, and UV radiation is also a huge “supplier” of Free Radicals which cause further break down of basically everything in our skin and bodies!
SEASONAL ALLERGIES are to blame for many people. They trigger the release of histamines in the body, which in turn causes inflammation and swelling of blood vessels and puffiness under the eyes.

SLEEPING WITH YOUR MAKEUP ON! Take the extra 3 min at night to remove your makeup!

Use an eye-makeup remover or good quality cleanser that doesn’t irritate your eyes, lather in circles for a good minute (including your lashes and lash line), and rinse…voila!!

It’s worth it, and your skin and eyes will thank you.



If your circles are the result of vascular issues, (pooling blood from poor circulation or Genetics, etc.) you can increase blood circulation by:

  • using products with caffeine (the secret behind tea bags on your eyes); - some people have also suggested preventing the pooling by doubling up on pillows at night, but watch your neck. 

If your aging, tired-looking eyes are due to thinning skin:

  • you can look for these collagen boosting ingredients in high quality eye products, which are formulated to increase collagen production, stimulate skin growth and repair:
  • retinol
  • pentapeptides (palmitoyl pentapeptide = Matrixyl); 
  • hexapeptides (acetyl hexapeptide-3 = Argireline);
  • palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7;
  • copper peptides - small fragments of proteins combined with copper, can enhance skin regeneration and the healing of wounds. They are included in many anti-aging products for their ability to increase skin elasticity and firmness. Because copper is a toxic metal, avoid using it on the skin in any form except those that contain peptides that bind with the metal;
  • green tea & silk tree extract have been proven to significantly interfere with the glycation process (where collagen & elastin fibers become stiff and clumped) while stimulating collagen synthesis;

For lightening properties look for ingredients like:

  • Kojic Acid, Licorice Root, L-Arbutin, Vitamins C & K

For lifting, tightening & firming look for these ingredients:

  • retinol
  • pentapeptides (palmitoyl pentapeptide = Matrixyl); 
  • hexapeptides (acetyl hexapeptide-3 = Argireline);
  • palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7;
  • copper peptides

Check out DermaMD’s collection of Eye treats which combine several of the above powerful ingredients to help your eyes look their best!


Glowingly Yours,

Skincare Expert Iris


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