The answer is simply YES!!  The skin under your eye is the thinnest skin on your whole body and needs special treatment.  Ingredients in eye creams are meant to specifically target dark circles, puffiness, lines & wrinkles.  These concerns are not necessarily what you are addressing with your facial moisturizer. Ingredients in an eye cream are often different or in lower doses so not to irritate the delicate skin under the eye. So when should you start using eye cream?  From teens to adulthood. If you are old enough to be concerned about the skin around...
  • Welcome to the Derma MD Loyalty Rewards

    Welcome to the Derma MD Loyalty Rewards
    Getting started: Start earning points and saving money today. Sign up for our NEW Derma MD Skincare Loyalty Program. Derma MD Skincare wants to give back to our loyal customers and has created an exciting NEW rewards program. Our program is designed to reward our loyal customers with points that you accumulate and use as cash for product purchases. We hope you enjoy it! Please read some of the great benefits of our program below.
  • What do Apples and Snails have to do with Skincare?

    What do Apples and Snails have to do with Skincare?
    Let's talk about apples and snails. Now that's an odd topic of conversation, you might say. Well indeed it is, however, Apple Stem Cells and Snail Secretion Filtrate are two of the active ingredients in our revolutionary anti-aging serum Lifting Stem Cell Serum!   As odd as these two ingredients may sound, they both have very interesting stories. Each are anti-aging powerhouses on their own and they have been combined into Lifting Stem Cell Serum to create a super serum that provides quick results to aging skin and also helps those who are battling both acne and aging. Apple Stem Cell Technology comes from...
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