When our skin is young our skin makes lots of substances that help it bounce back into place getting rid of any sagging or lines & wrinkles.  Aging along with environmental factors play a role in degrading these important aspects of skin that give it the flexibility we all want.

As you age, and the muscles of your face and neck move with day to day facial expressions, and the end result is we start to develop lines before our time.  These fine lines are slowly etched into our features as expression lines. Expression lines contribute to the appearance of aging on the face, sagging skin, crow’s feet, deep furrows and dark circles.

Although we cannot stop the aging process we can slow it down and correct some of the damage.  Lifting products are good to use to achieve younger looking skin. Active Ingredients in lifting skincare products will show results if they are at a high enough percentage.  Many of the firming/lifting products are a waste of money as they do not contain a high enough percentage to really firm or lift.  

Do your research and learn what percentages are necessary for any active ingredient in skincare to produce results.  All Derma MD products contain above the necessary percentages to produce results in ALL our products.

Derma MD Non-Surgical Face & Eye Lift Duo is formulated with high percentages of active ingredients to produce RESULTS!

NON-SURGICAL Face Lift (Non-Surgical injection):

  • Reduce appearance of deep expression lines
  • Improves Collagen synthesis & Elastin
  • Firms & Tightens

Key Ingredients:

5% Hexapeptide-30 & 10% Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 work together to lessen contractions of facial muscles thus reducing lines from developing.


  • Lifts Upper Lids
  • Reduce Dark Circles
  • Reduce appearance of crow’s feet

Key Ingredients:

Persian Silk Tree Extract protects skin cells & aids in fight against glycation. Glycation is responsible for signs of skin fatigue and significantly ages eye area.

Asteraceae Siegesbeckia Orientalis (thin grass found in India) has an active compound named Darutoside, is found to stimulate collagen & elastin synthesis.

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