You can do this mini Lip Treatment at home on a regular basis and experience soft, supple, fuller sexy lips.  This Lip Treatment is designed to increase volume of lips and hydrate as it reduces appearance of furrows and fine lines.  By exfoliating, treating and using Glamur Lip Plumper on a regular basis you will see and feel a difference in the volume and texture of your lips immediately.  The physical exfoliation will increase collagen production in the lips while the Niacin in the Glamur Lip Plumper with give instant plumping for short & long term effects.  For best results do this treatment several times a week. 


1.  Pre-Treatment
  • Clean your lips with a Enzyme Cleanser or makeup remover.
  • Wipe the lips with damp cloth to remove any residue.
2.  Treatment
  • Apply small amount of Derma MD Micro-Peel Crème to the lips & area around the lips.  If you do not have the micro peel crème you can make your own exfoliant by mixing raw brown sugar and coconut oil.  This will have a grainy texture and will gently exfoliate your lips.  For a more aggressive exfoliate purchase the Derma MD Micro Peel Crème with aluminum oxide crystals.
  • Work the exfoliant using small circular movements for 2-5 minutes.  Wipe off the crystals and rinse thoroughly
  • Optional:  For additional hydration add a layer of coconut oil to the lips.  Cut a piece of gauze big enough to cover the lips.  Lay on top of the lips and add another layer of oil.  Cover with a warm towel for 5 – 10 minutes.  Remove the gauze and wipe off excess oil with cotton pads.
3.  Post Treatment

Post-Lip care at home:
Enzyme Cleanser (can be used as a makeup remover)                AM/PM
Glamur Lip Treatment & Plumper                                                   AM/PM

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