• In Time for Romance Month - New Secret Confidence!

    In Time for Romance Month - New Secret Confidence!
    Meet Secret Confidence: Our Skin Lightener for Intimate Areas Formulated specifically to be safe and effective at gently lightening pigmented areas such as the areola, underarms and other intimate areas that are desired to be lighter.  This radiant triple lightening serum combines three actives that inhibit tyrosinase and disrupt melanin transfer, providing a safe way to lighten sensitive skin.  Rumex Occidentails Extract: A strong inhibitor of tyrosinase enzyme, which slows down and inhibits melanin production. Nonapeptide-1: A spectacular biomemetic peptide, specifically designed to antagonize and hinder the body's melanocyte stimulating hormone (a-MSH). Alpha Arbutin: An effective lightening & brightening...
  • What's Trending in Skincare for 2017

    What's Trending in Skincare for 2017
    So I did some research into what’s trending for the new year in skincare, beauty, spas and wellness and you won’t believe what we’re in for… The Urine Facial One of the latest DIY skin care treatments circulating the internet is...big breath...applying pee to your face!! According to a Refinery 29 story, human urine is sterile, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. The practice of applying (urine) to the face reportedly goes back to ancient Eastern traditions. The story referred to dermatologists, who noted that: the user must use their own sample, they must use it immediately and there...
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