BHAs (Beta Hydroxy Acids) for Acne and Anti-Aging

After our last blog post about exfoliation, we’ve had some questions about BHAs (Beta Hydroxy Acids) and how they work. I’m going to take this opportunity to explain how this highly effective skincare ingredient can help transform your complexion!

Beta Hydroxy Acid, also known as Salicylic Acid (derived from the ingredient that makes up Aspirin) is an anti-inflammatory exfoliant that helps to reduce build-up of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin as well as inside the follicle (pore) all while it helps to speed healing and reduce redness.

Because of Salicylic acid’s ability to reduce dead skin cell build up on the surface as well as inside the pore, it is a great choice for treating red marks, brown spots, age spots and sun damage as well as treating acne, blackheads and white heads. Exfoliation within the pore helps keep them free of debris and allows the sebum to flow freely. Salicylic acid also has the ability to kill acne bacteria making in a great choice for those battling acne!

Derma MD uses an encapsulated form of Salicylic acid that is time-released allowing it to continue working long after you applied the product

Is a BHA product right for you?

If you’re battling blackheads, acne or enlarged pores using a BHA product such as Clear-ifying Wasabi Resurfacing Gel will help to unclog blocked pores, reduce acne bacteria and erase red spots (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) from previous acne breakouts.

If you have sensitive skin or rosacea and would like to try adding an exfoliant to your routine we recommend Niacinamide Pore Refining Serum. The combination of Salicylic Acid and Niacinamide will help to reduce redness and calm the skin while keeping pores clear.

We also recommend Niacinamide Pore Refining Serum for those concerned with preventing signs of aging such as fine lines, dull or uneven skin, discoloration, sun damage, dry patches or large pores on the forehead, nose and cheeks.

How to use your BHA product.

We recommend starting off by using your BHA product once per day, preferably as part of your PM routine. Apply a few drops after your cleanser and toner but before your serum and/or moisturizer. Unlike many other brands of exfoliants, you will feel very little, if any stinging or tingling when using a Derma MD exfoliant. This is because of our time-released, encapsulated technology. Although our concentration of Salicylic is higher than most brands at 4%, the active ingredient will be released slowly over night instead of a blast of salicylic acid all at once. The pH of our BHA products are perfectly optimized for best results.

Many people find that adding a BHA exfoliant to their skincare routine creates noticeable changes within their skin. A smoother surface texture, less discolouration and fewer breakouts are some of the many reasons to give BHAs a try.

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