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Wanda Tracey#1

I would love xxxxxxx to win this hydrating bundle to pamper my dry skin.Thank you for the chance to win this wonderful prize.


I would love to win too!!

Pauline Morin#3

je veux essayer ces nouveaux produits qui vont sûrement me plaire merci pour le concours

wanda macsween#4

I need to win this because my skin needs help! I have fine lines and ageing dry skin.

Charlene Lucas#5

My skin could use an autumn pick me up and Derma MD would certainly give it that!

Rose Holloway#6

With the cold weather setting in now’s the time to keep my skin as hydrated as possible.


With the weather getting cold, my skin is really drying out and needs hydration, this set would really help me out and compliment my Wasabi cleansing kit from Derma MD very well!

andrea amy#8

I have dry skin and it would be nice to pamper myself with some quality products. Thanks for the chance.


As I age, like many others, I am finding that my skin is drying out quicker. I would really like to age “gracefully” instead of quickly. =)


I would love to win as my neck is definitely in need of some ‘uplifting’!

Carol A.#11

My skin becomes dry in the fall & winter and I would love to hydrate it with your Autumn Skin Bundle

Alison Braidwood#12

I live in northern Ontario, where the winters are harsh, and skin needs extra hydration.

Silvia D#13

Would love to win to hydrate my skin. Fall andwinter weather takes its toll and wouldlove to try these products!

caroline bilodeau#14

i love to take care of my skin…to look young

Maria O.#15

Just what I need for the fall season! Would love to win these hydrating products for my dry skin! Thanks for the chance.

Kelli Ball#16

Would be awesome to get this…


With the cold weather coming, hydrating my skin is even more important. Would love to try! Looks & sounds amazing!


Winter is coming and that means even drier skin, can us all the hydrating I can get.

Lesa Norry#19

I love DermaMd!! Always happy with the products , so much so I usually buy 2 at each purchase. Look forward to trying new items !! Would love to win!! Thx

Sylvie Haddad#20

There’s nothing better than winning
Derma Md product, I love this line!


I would like to win this skincare bundle because it is of the highest quality and my skin is extra dry too.

wendy Hutton#22

I would love to win this as with the changing temperature of the weather my skin seems to be dryer and would love to try this out.

Karla Sceviour#23

I would love to try this,especially now the cold dry winter months is coming.

Anu Chopra#24

The products are amazing and would love to have for my skin care routine!


my skin needs help, I’m always trying to find a great way to heal my face & feel confident about it. All this stuff sounds amazing & I’d love to try, thanks


At my age, I need all the help I can get!

Keiko Prichard#27

I would love to win and try your products and thank you for the opportunity to do so ;-)


Love the Uplifting Face and Neck Creme!

Theresa Banfield #29

i just had a baby and I’m need of your products!

Lauren Angelucci#30

I am pregnant so my skin is soooo messed up…help Derma MD!


I would love to try the Extreme Hydration Hand and Body Crème, as we know winter is coming and so is dry skin!
we all need a little help as we age, the Uplifting Face & Neck Crème could do the job.
I have never tried a Lip Plump but I would certainly trust Derma MD’s quality and give it a go!


I have neglected my neck. The uplifting neck and face creme would be most beneficial


I used to work for a Dermatologist so I would be very interested in trying the product!!

Janice Cournoyer#34

With the weather getting cold, mu skin heeds to be pampered!!!

Angela Poplar#35

At age 38 now, I starting to notice some dry patches on my face that weren’t there a few years ago…nothing seems to fix it! I know that it must be due to the natural aging process but I’d like to fix it!! You are only as old as you feel and I want to feel young! It is a blessing to age as many do not get the chance but I’d like to slow it down a bit! Thanks for the chance!

angela mitchell#36

The fall is a terrible time for me for my skin. My skin starts to get dry and I also start breaking out. Id love to see if this pampering skin pack could help!

Linda French#37

I would love to try your products!


The Last Step Daytime Moisturizer is wonderful!It would be great to try your other
products.Thanks :).

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