One Little Product That Could Make All the Difference

I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve never been a big fan of toner. It always seemed like an unnecessary step to me, but when it comes to acne it is one product that can make a HUGE difference in your skin.

As a skincare specialist (or Personal Skincare Fairy as I’ve been humorously referred to) I’ve helped a lot of people clear their skin of acne. Depending on a person’s skin type and condition I will usually recommend a cleanser, toner, treatment gel, serum and moisturizer. Most often my clients are thrilled with the result and boast that their skin has never looked better! This, I have to admit, is one of my favorite parts of my job.

Then something happens...

After several months of use and repurchasing their favorite products I will often start hearing some complaints. A few break outs along the jawline, skin isn’t looking as good as it used to...

What’s going on?

After some investigation I will most often discover one thing.

They have stopped using their toner.

This seems to be the one product that doesn’t get replaced after they have finished the bottle.


As I mentioned above, toner seems to be the one product that people think is unnecessary.

When it comes to treating acne, this couldn’t be further from the truth and let me tell you why.

Clear-ifying Wasabi Refining Toner contains a very powerful antibacterial ingredient known as Niacinamide (Vitamin B3). Niacinamide offers multiple benefits to the skin. Studies have shown that it is comparable to the prescription topical antibiotic Clindamycin in controlling acne bacteria yet it is available over the counter! Not only that but Niacinamide is a potent cell communicating ingredient that can improve skin’s elasticity, tone and barrier function as well as help erase discoloration including the red marks left from acne (known as post inflammatory hyperpigmentation).  Clear-ifying Wasabi Refining Toner has 5% Niacinamide and daily use can dramatically help reduce acne bacteria count all while reducing inflammation and calming the skin. As with all of our Clear-ifying Wasabi products, Wasabia Japonica (wasabi) Root has also been added to increase its anti-bacterial properties.

You can see why this toner is such an important part of our Acne Treatment System as it not only helps control acne bacteria but also helps reduce the redness and inflammation associated with acne! Once clients begin using their toner again and seeing their skin go back to its smooth and healthy state they are never without it again

In milder cases of acne, Clear-ifying Wasabi Refining Toner may be the only acne treatment product needed and it is an excellent product to add to an anti-aging/acne fighting regimen.

Directions for use: Spritz directly on the skin (with eyes closed) or spray product on a cotton pad and apply to skin.  Use twice daily.

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Lisa P

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Derma MD Canada

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