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anti-aging acne skincare canada


Sally Krusky#1

would love to try the Essential Anti-Aging Collection

Monica S#2

Amazing giveaway ! This would be perfect for me.

Louanne B#3

I love Derma MD products, and as we age, we need products that really work.

Jenny #4

Kids are about to be off school for two months… I feel like I’m going to need some anti-aging products.

Suzanne G#5

I have never tried your products but I would definitely like to try them out.


I’m at an age where almost all of my cosmetics are anti-aging. Looking forward to trying these too.

andrea amy#7

Amazing giveaway! Such great quality products, I would love to win to help my 41 year old skin stay looking great!

Barb Lyttleton#8

This sounds refreshingly awesome!

Raffaela Vicaretti#9

Thanks for the great contest, I would love to win it!

Freda Scott#10

Would love to win this as I am at that age that it is a concern. Thank you in advance.

Leslie Sil#11

would love to try these products hope I win


Love these products ?

Theresa Ronalds#13

would love to win- my skin is really dull and old looking

Wanda Tracey#14

Thank you for this exciting opportunity to try the Derma MD anti-aging trio.I think it would be a wonderful help for my dry skin and fine lines which I am starting to notice.

Barb Lyttleton#15

This sounds refreshingly awesome!


Love these three products. Can’t live without them.

Denise Pyne D'eon#17

This would be so awesome<3

Cherie Varrin#18

Thanks for the chance to win!! #Dermandcanada

Alexandra Doss - Collbran#19

Just what the doctor ordered

Bonnie mccleery#20

I would love to win this!

Janice Cournoyer#21

I really want to try this anti aging collection.I am hoping it can reverse some of my fine lines and wrinkles,

jennifer anderson#22

What a fabulous giveaway.. My haggard face would love to win!! I’d give anything to get rid of all the sun damage and dark aging spots..


What a great collection!

Antoinette Campbell#24

Excellent products. Love the Vitamin C serum and the S-Cargot serum.

Marion Schonberg#25

Would love, love to win !!

Silvia Bilotto#26

would love to try


very intresting

marylene demers#28

I love Derma MD products!

Michelle Robinson#29

This is now my all-time favourite skin care line!

Keiko Prichard#30

Awesome, would absolutely love to try your products, and thank you for the opportunity to do so ;-)

Nola G.#31

I would love to win this package! Thanks for the chance!

Holly Allen#32

This makes aging easy!! beautiful product!!

Angela Poplar#33

I would love this beauty prize! Thanks for the wonderful opportunity!

Micheline Marier#34

I would try these products.

Elizabeth M.#35

I am the perfect candidate to win this package. I am almost 50 years of age but people always guess that I am in my earlier 30s. I have never done Botox, fillers, or plastic surgery.

Cecile Boychuk#36

WOW this sounds like a real good product, I would really like to try it.

Rose Holloway#37

Thanks for the giveaway :)


Sounds like a fabulous contest!Would love the chance to try DermaMD!Thanks :)


I would love to try this collection.

Karen Hill#40

I have faithfully used ‘Last Step Daytime Moisturizer’ for a couple of months now as well as ‘Pink Silk Serum’ and am very pleased with the results of both. I have mild rosacea and these are the only products I have used in the last year that have not aggravated my condition at all! I am now ready to try another moisturizer because ‘Last Step’ provides excellent sun protection but I feel my skin needs more moisturizing, so I am curious about your Copper CoQ10. Thank you for your excellent customer service. Bonus – Canadian :)


Thanks for the opportunity, it would make a great gift.


I’d like to make it a gift for a special someone:)

lisa rumolo#43

oh! i need this!


Would love it…. Love the Pink Silk

Maria O.#45

Awesome giveaway! Would love to win this.

Erika #46

Would be great for my mom!

Derma MD#47

Thanks for all the great comments! Keep them coming!


Love the pink silk. Definitely would try the others!

Karla Sceviour#49

Oh great! Thanks for the chance to win!

Joanne Di Tomaso#50

Great products. I love them and hope I win.


I’m 35 and looking to start using anti-aging products. These look like a quality choice! :)

Carol Brown#52

Nice prize to win!

Anu Chopra#53

I would love to try all these products!

Amanda Rukus#54

Would love to win!

Carmelle P#55

I love the Pink Silk serum! It goes on so easily, and sometimes I don’t need a moisturizer over top.

Linda French#56

My face would love this, hope I win!


The Derma products that I’ve tried have been excellent. I’d be very happy to win this.

stephen gordon#58

Love Derma need products that really work. – See more at:

Sylvie haddad#59

I have and love all three BUT, I will run out soon………


Fingers crossed!! This sounds amazing :)


I love these products. They make me feel young again.


Love pink silk!

Aarti Missra#63

Thanks for the chance!

Tiffany M#64

Would love to try this line, thank you!


My aging skin would love this anti-aging collection


I would love to win and have a chance to try these great products. Thank you for the opportunity.


Awesome products. Would love to get these as a gift as they are part of my every day regime. I can’t say enough good about them. Love love love them

sophie villemure#68

superbe produits, j’espère gagner!!! J’aime


Getting older… sounds like a great skincare routine to try out.

christina westendorp#70

amazing giveaway!

Jean Critchley#71

I would just love to win this as would my face.


would be so nice

Michelle #73

My skin would love these products! :0

wanda macsween#74

Would love to try these products, great giveaway!


I am always looking to try new products, haven’t found that miracle one yet!


Love derma products!

Pauline Morin#77

je veux gagner ça me ferais plaisir


I love Pink Silk…it’s perfectly named…it just feels so luxurious on my skin every morning. I have also tried the enzyme cleanser…actually I use it every day. I’d be thrilled to win..(since I’m going to buy them again anyway!)


What a great contest!Anybody would love the
opportunity to try DermaMD!Thanks :).


Derma products have been a basic part of my sin-care regimen for 3 years now!

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