Look Years Younger by taking care of the skin around your EYES!

The sensitive area around your eyes requires different care than the rest of your face does.  The area around your eyes is one of the thinnest, most sensitive areas of your body.  It’s also among the first to show the signs of aging.  This is because the eye area skin doesn’t have as many oil glands and collagen as the rest of your face & body, making it more prone to dryness, droopiness, lines, and wrinkles.  The areas of the skin that have fewer sebaceous glands are less dense and more prone to wrinkles, which is why crow’s feet are such a big problem. 


  1. Commit to treating your eye skin – eye creams and gels are one of the things that people forget about and don’t often use. You need a moisturizer that can penetrate the area to deliver the hydration it needs.
  2. Don’t rely on your regular facial moisturizer to get the job done. You need an eye cream that is specifically designed for eye skin.  Face serums and moisturizers may contain active ingredients, such as retinoids, that are too strong for concentration under eye skin.
  3. What actives to choose in an eye Cream? Just because it’s a delicate area doesn’t mean you need a bland moisturizer.  Some of the best eye creams contain Vitamin A (retinol).  However, this retinol will differ from a typical facial cream with retinol.  Because of the irritation it will be specifically formulated with a lower concentration of retinol and in a more emollient base. 

Dark Circles

While they are connected to lack of sleep, sometimes even with enough sleep you won’t get rid of them.  There is a genetic component to dark circles.  These are hard to get rid of completely but there are some topicals that contain Eye Bright or Vitamin K that help with circulation to lighten dark circles.

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Look for Vitamin A (retinol) or Peptide packed eye cream.  These will stimulate skin cell turnover & collagen production.  Retinol helps with overall texture & goes deeper into skin structures to revitalize wrinkles and improve the appearance of fine lines.  Eye Creams such as Eye Cream 3+Complex containing Vitamin A should be used at night.  As for morning use an antioxidant packed eye product such as Pink Silk Firming Eye Gel.  This will protect the skin against the environmental stressors that contribute to aging. 

Apply Eye Cream or Gel Gently

Using the finger with the lightest touch, usually your pinkie works the best.  Gently pat across your under-eye area until it is covered.  This ensures that you don’t tug on this delicate skin like you would if you smeared it. 

Derma MD Pink Silk Firming Eye Gel

Derma MD Eye Cream 3+Complex

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