Skincare Survival Products & Treatment for Mask Wearers

A good skincare regime with quality products is very important for those having to wear a mask on a regular basis.  Products with irritating ingredients should be avoided.  Use all treatment products at night while you sleep without retinoids or acids.  Your skincare regime should include products with ingredients to sooth, hydrate & protect your skin while under a mask.

Basic Skin Survival for mask wearers:

wear a clean mask.  If this is not possible spray the inside with rubbing alcohol and let dry.  

Before putting on your mask:
1. CLEANSE - with a gentle cleanser (avoid drying or irritating products) - Enyzme Cleanser or Revitalize Cleansing Creme
2. APPLY (for acne or congested skin) gentle anti-inflammatory ingredients like Niacinamide - Wasabi Toner
3. SPOT treat ONLY pimples.  Avoid applying harsh ingredients all over your face - Wasabi Zapper
4. CREATE A BARRIER - apply a rich oil-based moisturizer.  This barrier will help protect your face while wearing a mask - Nourish Calm Balm

After removing your mask:
1. CLEANSE - with gentle cleanser 
2. APPLY - anti-inflammatory products & oil based moisturizer (Pink Silk &/OR Nourish Calm Moisture Serum)
3. BEDTIME - Cleanse & use any treatment products for anti-aging, rosacea, acne etc.  Avoid any irritating ingredients such as retinoids or acids.
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