Can COVID-19 Live on Your Beauty Products?

While it’s unclear exactly how long the coronavirus remains active outside the body, studies have reported activity anywhere from two hours (hands) to nine days (metal) depending on the surface. The experts recommend proceeding with your regularly scheduled beauty regimen cautiously, as the exact longevity of SARS-CoV-2 has not been tested in beauty products. If you contract the coronavirus, avoid using any products, and definitely avoid sharing yours with other people.

As far as disinfecting products you already have at home, the recommendations apply to the outer packaging. You can wipe down a lotion bottle or lipstick tube with a disinfectant wipe but after the product inside is potentially contaminated, the specialists have reassured us that any product at risk can become safe again if left untouched for several days. The virus won’t remain viable in all ingredients. Detergents and products with high alcohol content, like cleansers and toners, render the virus inactive. But since creams are generally formulated with less alcohol, they could, in theory, be more susceptible to contamination.

Sanitize Your Beauty Tools.

Wash makeup brushes and sponges regularly. Do not double-dip applicators into makeup & cremes after it has touched your skin. Also, wiping down your makeup bag and any products that were used outside your home, like lip gloss and mascara is a good idea.

Venturing out for beauty services also adds a new layer of risk. While most medical equipment in a dermatologist’s office is sterile, that’s not always the case for spas and salons. Call in before your visit to gain insight into the precautions they’re taking to safeguard your health. At the very least, salons should be sanitizing hard surfaces, laundering capes after every use, and ensuring staff washes their hands regularly, also bring your own tools and polish to the nail salon. 


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