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anti-aging acne skincare canada


Christine Topley#1

Although I suffer from the occasion breakouts and small blemishes, this would be for my son who suffers greatly from acne and scarring. I would love to see how this product would work for him.


I would love to win this. I have problem skin – and once n a while I have good spells….but even at 38 yrs old I get break outs! I would love to finally find something that would help consistently!!

andrea amy#3

This would be great for my son. Thanks for the chance.

Marion #4

It would be so nice


What a great treatment this would be.


Thanks for the great giveaway!

Brenda Penton#7

Great! Thank you for the giveaway! Would love to win this as my son and I have both been suffering from breakouts.

wendy Hutton#8

these products look great I would love to win them

Karla Sceviour#9

Thanks for the chance!

Louanne B#10

It’s good to try reliable products like a Blemish Treatment Package to help to clear acne before the problem becomes too aggravated.

Mary Warner#11

Good way to start the school year.

melissa finn#12

Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance!


Ohh, this sounds very interesting, I’d love to try it

Victoria Mercedes #14

It would be so great to try out this skin care line, my skin is always unpredictable! Thanks for all the cool giveaways!!

angela mitchell#15

I’ve had acne for years but I haven’t this product yet. I’d love to see how it works for me.


Nothing gives you confidence as clear skin!
On that note, I’d love to win!

cathryn van buskirk#17


Cindy B.#18

I would love to clear up all of my blemishes. Great giveaway. thanks!!

Wanda Tracey#19

Thank you for the contest to win the awesome blemish treatment package.It would be wonderful to win!!! :)

Anu Chopra#20

I get occasional breakouts!

Vick Kapil#21

Used this product in the past and had phenomenal results :)

Angela Poplar#22

I could definitely use this! Thank you for the chance!

Aarti M#23

I’d love to them.


I would see immediate results

Silvia D#25

both my son and especially my daughter would benefit with the products! thank you for the giveaway!

Donna Wilson#26

Would love to win! Have had problems with acne all my life.


I would love to try your product.

lisa rumolo#28

would love to try this


I would love to try this!


I have 4 granddaughters and this would be a great gift to start the school years with clean clear skin!

Maria O.#31

I would love to win this for my daughter!




sounds good

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