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Fran Mullen#1

love to win, great giveaway

angela mitchell#2

I’m most concerned with getting burnt or sun damage in general.


My concern is putting on foundation and then walking outside for awhile in the muggy weather and sweating it off!~

Cherie Varrin#4

My summer skin care concern is getting sunspots. Family has a high risk of cancer.

Wanda Tracey#5

My biggest summer skin care problem is to keep my skin moisturized and hydrated in the heat.

Susan Stevens#6

Fabulous products! My fingers are crossed!

andrea amy#7

My biggest suncare concern is not getting a sun burn! I’m very fair :)

Steph Bkn#8

Sensitivity, my skin is so sensitive that anything oily or with a spf clogs pores and I either breakout with acne or a rash from the product. The sun makes it worse in the summer but I need the spf to keep my fair skin from burning :(

Bonnie Mccleery #9

Would love to try your product !


My biggest concern is making sure I have fun sunscreen coverage

Antoinette Campbell#11

Great products. My favorite S-Cargot and Vitamin C serum. Together the products do wonders.

Sylvie #12

Derma ms is the only product on my night stand!

Leanne Saunders#13

I have a history of cold sores, usually during a stressful time will one appear. I need to use a really good SPF lip balm to help protect my lips, the sun will make a cold sore worse!


My biggest summer time concern? Overexposure to that glorious sun! Who can resist?

Azonia #15

Oily skin

Michelle Robinson#16

i work as a gardener so my buggest concern about being outdoors a lot is getting those harmful UV rays on my skin especially my face.


Derma MD Rocks!!!

Ging Caballero#18

My biggest concern is the dark spots on my forehead & on my cheeks it gets darker when expose to the sun.

Hayds Padera#19

This summer I want to protect my skin with a great moisturizer.

Keiko Prichard#20

My biggest concern or worry is about burning my skin, I have freckles and of course with the sun they get darker and it seems more numerous. I have never been a tanner and being fair can tan and burn easily. I would love to try your products and thanks for the opportunity. ;-)

Angela Poplar#21

Looks like a very wonderful prize! Thanks so much Derma MD for putting on a terrific contest!! <3 you guys :)


My biggest summertime concern is sunburn.

sophie villemure#23

j’aime les produits Derma MD Summer Survival Kit, je veux gagner

Bonnie mccleery#24

My biggest summer skin concern is keeping it protected against the sun with the right products.


Moisturizer with SPF!! Yes please!! :)



Leanne Halter#27

Awesome prize!


My skin is fair and I burn very easily so I don’t sit in the sun. Even though you aren’t purposely getting sun you still get enough to harm your skin. So I use sun screen and stay in the shade.


Face getting too greasy and breaking out.

Mary Warner#30

I’m in the sun but I worry about getting fine lines around my eyes.

Louanne Baelde#31

My biggest concern is being protected from the effects of the sun.

Kelli B#32

Could really use this… Golf almost everyday!!!!


My biggest concern is staying out in the sun and not having enough sunscreen protection and then getting a sunburn.


I would really like to have some summer time help with my skin. I try to take good care of it, but the summer seems to take an extra toll on it.

Karla Sceviour#35

My biggest skincare concern is I have an oily face,but it is also dry in certain areas as well!


My concern is finding effective sun protection
that feels light and is non-irritating.Thanks!


Getting very dark areas & my pigmentation becoming worse due to a lot of sun exposure!

Marion Schonberg#38

I think this would be funtastic to win!


how to avoid sun damage

Amy Heffernan#40

Dark spots!

Jill M#41

Sun damage is my biggest concern

christina westendorp#42

would love this!


Mine is making sure my melasma doesn’t get worse – I use crazy amounds of spf but with the day and time it’s hard to reapply!

Silvia D#44

some days i need moisture and some days too oily!


My biggest concern is to avoid sunburn. I have a very sensitive area on my face, due to surgery several years ago.


Would love to try a new product to help stop the damaging rays and anything to possibly correct what’s already been done.
Thank you for this opportunity to win!

Anu Chopra#47

Dry skin and wrinkles is my big skin concern!

Melissa Finn#48

My biggest summer skin care issue is avoiding sun damage & premature aging.

Bailey dexter#49

Every year as I get older, I worry more & more about sun damage to my skin. If I am using the right products!

Aarti M#50

My biggest summertime concern is getting a sunburn.

Sheryl P#51

My biggest summer skin care concern is keeping myself and my family protected from harmful uv rays.

Suzanne G#52

I am most concerned with sun damage to my skin.


My top skin concerns are wrinkles & zits! I’m 36 and I want my skin to look young, without breaking out.

gihane mongrain#54


Charlene Lucas#55

My biggest concern sun protection, especially on my face as I have some light pigmentation there from being outside pretty much every day of the year.


My biggest summer skincare concern is damage from the sun! I love the sun but worry about what spending too much time in the sun is doing to my skin.

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