Stunning at 60, Sylvie's Story

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Sylvie, a 60 year old grandmother of 4 grand-daughters, has always taken pride in her skin.  Since her early 30's she booked regular visits to her favorite esthetician and used quality skincare products.  In her late 40's her esthetician, who she had worked with for years, retired leaving Sylvie lost in a sea of expensive beauty products with no direction.

Sylvie with her husband on their 40th Anniversary

"My esthetician had retired so I started buying almost every product out there, and expensive ones at that!  My skin was terrible. One day I visited a plastic surgeon that had just set up shop. I was looking for a miracle, one I could afford!!  He sold me a little kit from Derma MD and the results were fantastic! I did end up having my eyelids done. I had very heavy lids, but the real change was in my skin. The Replenish, Pink Silk and Last Step Daytime moisturizer became my best friend!"

Sylvie H

After a few years she added 17% Vitamin C Serum to her skincare routine to help improve skin texture and boost collagen levels.

Sylvie's skin is well hydrated and has a beautiful healthy glow.

Sylvie's Favorites

Replenish Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Pink Silk Face Firming Rejuvenator

Last Step Daytime Moisturizer SPF 50

17% Vitamin C Serum

"I can't believe I get the opportunity to discuss what Derma MD has done for me!  Most people can't believe I'm 60 they, think I'm at least 15 yrs younger!"

Sylvie H

We agree Sylvie!  Your skin looks amazing but your true beauty shines from within.

Glowingly yours,

Lisa P

Skincare Specialist
Derma MD Canada





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