Feel Good About Your Neck

Skincare Doesn't Stop at the Chin!

You take great care of your skin.  You slather on serums and creams full of active ingredients.  Your skin looks fresh, hydrated, vibrant and uplifted.

But are you forgetting about your neck and dècolletè?

The delicate skin on your neck and dècolletè (French for your chest and shoulders) is exposed to the same elements as your facial skin every single day and can begin to show its age with crepiness, lines and wrinkles.

No one wants a smooth, glowing face with a wrinkly neck!

Feel good about your neck by giving it the same care you would your facial skin with uplifting and firming products designed to increase hydration, tighten and lift.

Feel Good About Your Neck!

Derma MD's Neck and Dècolletè Duo, which combines S-Cargot Lifting Serum and Uplifting Neck & Face Crème, will increase hydration, tighten and lift the delicate skin of the neck and dècolletè.  Used daily the appearance of crepiness, lines and wrinkles will be reduced and skin will appear firmer, lifted and hydrated. 

The snail secretion filtrate technology within S-Cargot Lifting Serum provides natural moisturizing properties while maintaining softer and smoother skin for longer periods of time. 

Clinically proven Apple Stem Cell Extract will provide longevity to skin cells, keeping skin younger looking and by reducing the signs of aging over time. 

Alpha Lipoic Acid and DMAE complex within Uplifting Neck & Face Crème will work to lift and firm the skin of the neck. 

The synergy of these two products together will address both the neck and dècolletè.  Both areas will appear smoother and skin texture will appear softer and younger looking.

Take good care of the skin of your neck and dècolletè for a beautiful and youthful glow from the chest up.



Glowingly yours,

Lisa P

Skincare Specialist
Derma MD Canada

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