Just for Dad (and the other men in your life): Skincare 101 for Men

With Father's Day just around the corner, why not help the dads or other men in your life master their skincare routines? Skincare is not just about vanity; it’s about caring for your skin! Do you really want to wait until that pesky mole suddenly gets darker or bigger and the dermatologist does a biopsy and you’re waiting to see if it’s skin cancer?

More men are using skincare products daily to maintain, improve and protect their skin health. This is a good thing! So keeping it really simple, men need to:

Cleanse; Shave; Use sun protection

In the past sunscreens have never felt very nice on the skin especially when you sweat, and most men tend to sweat more; either at work, at play or just being outside. New technology has produced some great mineral sunscreens that feel light, non-greasy and absorb quickly. It is recommended to use at least SPF25 daily (even in the winter) due to UVA rays which cause most of the damage in the dermis of the skin. Sun damage is cumulative, therefore, the best thing anyone can do is prevent further damage. This means sun protection on the golf course, on the lawnmower, going to the lake, on the boat, fishing…and one more thing: a hat and sunglasses are not enough.


So here’s a cleanser that gently digests dead skin cells with yummy pineapple and papaya enzymes. Enzyme Cleanser provides amino acids, vitamin B and avocado oil to nourish and hydrate your skin leaving your face clean, fresh, smooth, and soft! Plus, it’s unisex and your man can also use it for shaving! GREAT FOR DAD!


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a moisturizer that provides great protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays, is oil-free, goes on light, absorbs quickly, isn’t greasy, doesn’t run all over your face and actually does more than plump and protect?

How about an anti-aging day cream with mineral protection (micronized Zinc Oxide), UV absorbing Avobenzone, free-radical fighting Japanese Green Tea plus Aloe, Vitamins B5, E & A, and not to mention the amazing moisturizing factors like Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin and Olive Oil! The entire family can use it and it’s really a “Don’t Leave Home Without It” kind of product!


In the past, toners were part of the Cleanse-Tone-Moisturize routine. Over the past decade, skincare products have evolved so that many cleansers do not disrupt the natural acidic pH of the skin and they cleanse sufficiently, so toners are not really needed to “return the skin to its’ natural “pH” and “remove the last traces of makeup/dirt”. However, a toner can be beneficial in providing that extra boost in keeping pores clear, clean and healthy. Toners often have astringent properties (a cosmetic that cleans the skin and constricts the pores), like Grapefruit, Kiwi and Witch Hazel.  This is great for oilier, problematic skin or for normal skin in hot, humid environments (beach vacations!).

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