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In today's skin industry it is imperative to not only sell a quality skin product, but more importantly believe in it. Listed below is one of our advisory board members who stands behind our product line one-hundred percent.

Robert P.K. Keller M.D.


Accredited as an expert in the field of cosmetic laser therapy and anti-aging medicine, Dr. Keller has trained the world’s most renowned physicians and medical providers in the art and science of cosmetic, non-ablative skin repair. Dr. Keller’s practice has always reflected his combined passion for anti-aging medicine with state-of the-art laser and pharmaceutical skin restoration. Dr. Keller’s television segments “Youthful Aging with Dr. Keller” and his national lectures promote both cosmetic medicine in the United States and abroad. His patient list includes many of the most celebrated names in sports, entertainment and business.


Robert P.K. Keller, M.D. is the Founder and Medical Director of the Robert Keller, M.D. Solutions located in Monterey, California. He began his distinguished career in medicine over 35 years ago. Residency trained as a trauma physician and surgeon, he began repairing damaged skin in the late 1970s while doing post-doctorate research in the then new and emerging field of laser skin therapy.